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When carboxylic acid react with metal gives Salt and hydrogen

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Is carboxylic acid soluble?

Carboxylic acid is not a single substance but a class of organic acids. Some carboxylic acids are soluble and some aren't

Is sulfuric acid stronger than carboxylic acid?

Sulphuric acid is a strong acid whereas carboxylic acids is a group of weak acids .

What is the boiling point of carboxylic acid?

It depends on witch carboxylic acid you mean, there are thousands carboxylic acids.

Is Carboxylic acid does this contain fat?

No, carboxylic acids are simply a class of organic acids. Some carboxylic acids are fatty acids but are not fats nor do they contain them. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein are also carboxylic acids. One of the most common carboxylic acids is acetic acid, commonly sold as vinegar.

On the basis of resonance Why carboxylic acids show acidic property?

carboxylic acids are more stronger acids this is because in the resonance stabilisation of carboxylic acid the electron density is more pronounced in two oxygen atoms also in the reaction of carboxylic acid with an alkali ; for eg; sodium hydroxide it can donate lone pair of electron to a higher base hence it act as a Lewis acid>.

How do acetic acid and carboxylic acid react?

There is no reaction. Acetic acid is a kind of carboxylic acid.

Are glycine and carboxylic acid th same?

No, glycine is one of many different carboxylic acids. Carboxylic acids come in a wide variety ranging from formic acid to amino acids (which include glycine) and fatty acids.

Is a protein a carboxylic acid?

Proteins are not carboxylic acids but contain carboxyl groups.

What are fatty acids?

A fatty acid is a carboxylic acid. This is part of the body.

What type of a reaction between amonia and carboxylic acid?

The reaction between Ammonia and a Carboxylic Acid result, counter intuitively, in the production of an Ammonium Carboxylate and not an Amide. This reaction is there for an acid-base neutralization reaction.

Why carboxylic acids are weak acid?

They are weak acids because they dont fully dissociate. Meaning that only part of the solution of carboxylic acid will split in RCOO- and H+

Example of carboxylic acid?

methanoic acid,ethanoic acid,butanoic acid,etc.....any cmpd containing acid group.i.e.,-COOH belong to carboxylic acids

What kind of reaction is the corrosion of a metal by an acid?

Corrosion is the type of reaction between metals and acids.

Do carboxylic acid and alcohol mix?

Yes when a carboxylic acid and alcohol are mixed together, they will form an ester, because the reaction will undergo a dehydration reaction and water will be removed. this is called esterification. carboxylic acid + alcohol ----> ester

Why are acids kept in glass bottles not in metal bottles?

cause acid has a chemical reaction with metal.

What are the first four carboxylic acids?

the first four carboxlic acids are.... methanoic acid ethanoic acid propanic acid butanoic acid

What are the products of the base hydrolysis of an ester?

An alcohol and a carboxylic acid salt (carboxylic acid if protonated at end of reaction).

What has the author Bevan Lean written?

Bevan Lean has written: 'Homologues of butanetetracarboxylic acid and of adipic acid' -- subject(s): Carboxylic acids 'Note on the affinities of polybasic acids' -- subject(s): Carboxylic acids

What happens when metal reacts with acids?

when metal reacts with acid, it undergoes mettalation reaction and forms metal oxides.

Is butyric acid a strong acid or weak acid?

It is weak, all carboxylic acids are weak.

What is th pH of carboxylic acid?

1: Carboxylic acids are not a single acid but a class of acids with varying acidities. 2: pH depends on the concentration of an acid as well as its strength, so ther is no definite pH.

Is vanillin an alcohol or carboxylic acids?

Vanillin has an alcohol functional group and a carboxylic acid functional group.

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