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The Rising Sign is also known as the Ascendant. A 1/12th part of the sky, that was ascending on the Eastern Horizon, at the precise moment of a person�s birth, is known as the Rising Sign of that person. This sign is situated in the First House of a person�s horoscope or birth chart.

Your Rising Sign determines what others think of you and also how you come across to people. Your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign can be very different, and thus, what you are when you�re alone and what you are in front of others, can be something entirely different.

Reading your daily horoscope for your Rising Sign, in addition to your Sun Sign and Moon Sign, can give you, a much clearer and more accurate astrological profile.

The Ascendant is what you are, on the outside.

the rising sign wich is known as the assendent and is the first house cusp is where the spirt or sun comes into being and is born onto the earth plane and thus it shows the life path as it grows into the sun wich is the spirt on whatever sign it is say for eg it is a Pisces it is ending a stage of its journey if its an Aries it is on a new level . and the assendent is the life path to learn those lessions and the moon is the ego the "me" wich has been built up sinse the begining of time

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Q: What is the Rising Sign in relation to Astrology?
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The Rising Sign or the Ascendant.

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