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The Rock is part African-American and part Samoan.

The Rock is a 3rd-generation wrestler. His father is "Soulman" Rocky Johnson who, along with Tony Atlas, held the WWF tag team belts in the early '80s (if I'm not mistaken, they may have been the first black tag team champs). His grandfather (from his mother's side) was Samoan Wrestling great "High Chief" Peter Maivia. Just a little more background regarding the question!

The rock is part African American and he is half Indian

The rock is mostly Samoan. I know this because I've read his biography.P.S. No offense but, you should all read more books.

I don't see how The Rock can "mostly" be Samoan when his father is African American but whatever. Anyway, he's half Samoan and half African American.

The rock is Samoan and African American. His mother is Samoan, and his Father is black.

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