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diagram to replace belt on E350 1994 7.3L


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Hello, I just bought a 1992 e350 with the Detroit 7.3 diesel, 207k on it. and I got over 18 mpg with quite a bit of stop and go. The guy I bought it from said it would get 20 - 22 mpg highway.

It is "stuck n drive" when you have not oiled your car recently. I have a e350 diesel trans and this also happened to me. You need to seek professional medical attention for this vehicle.

The differences between a 1992 E350 and a 1995 E350 transmission are in its mounting, gear ratio, and wiring. Both function in similar ways however they are not directly compatible with each other.

how much freon does an 04 e350 with front & rear ac it has 6.0 l diesel

In my 98 E350 6.8 it is under the dash. you have to pull the dash off to change it

To put a 1996 7.3 powerstroke engine into a idi diesel truck you would have to transfer the ecm and the entire engine wiring harness over the old truck, the 1992 is a non-electronically controlled engine and the 1996 cannot run without a computer because it has high pressure electronic unit injection. This swap is possible, but very difficult.

if it is a 6.0 l diesel engine, it is 15 liters

I have a 1994 Ford E350 with a 7.3 liter diesel motor. When I'm driving empty, I can get 14 mpg. When I'm pulling a 5,000 pound trailer, I get 10 mpg.

Depends in the box size/wheel base/gas or diesel, but a 14' gas 2011 E350 box truck, weighs 7,860lbs. empty.

Depends on which engine it had... gas and diesel engines were available for that vehicle.

if this is 7.3 litre diesel you will need 14 quarts. we run 7 fords , we use rotella oil in all of them a little higher to buy, but the best oil

Under the floor, mounted to the frame, just forward of the rear passenger side wheel.

where is says transmission fluid only read the caps it tells you

The thermostat on a 1993 Ford e 350 7.3 diesel is located on the side of the engine. The thermostat can be found by following the upper radiator hose.

2002 Ford Econoline 7.3 diesel oil capacity ========================================================= For a 2002 Ford E-350 , 7.3L DIESEL : With engine oil filter change : ( 14.2 litres / 15.0 U.S. quarts ) * according to the 7.3L DIESEL supplement

top center of engine under/behind air filter housing

The diesel engine that would be in a 2008 Ford E-350 van would be the 6.4L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel V8. This Powerstroke engine got poor fuel economy with about 16mpg highway and 12mpg city.

Try looking behind the passenger side kick panel. That is where it is on my 94.

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