What is the SAT score required to get into Washington State university in Vancouver WA?

So, as with most schools, there is no set REQUIREMENT for SAT or ACT scores at Washington State. Just the same, there is no set requirement for GPA... or any stats, really. The truth is, when it comes to admissions, the admissions committees are looking for more than just scores. They want well-rounded students who challenge themselves, engage in their communities, and will do the same when they get to campus! So there are going to be applicants who have really HIGH SAT scores who may not get in because they are missing other things in their profiles. And, just the same, there will be students with SAT scores that are on the lower end who WILL get in because they have some insanely cool things going on in their profiles.

So when you're thinking about your chances at Washington State, you gotta think about more than just your scores! What ELSE do you have to offer the school? It is your entire profile - scores, activities, interests, essays, recommendations, etc - that the school is going to consider, so you need to consider all of those things as well.

Now, just so you have a general idea, the average SAT score for admitted students to Washington State (on the 1600 SAT scale) is an 1130. But if your score is lower than that, it doesn't mean you can't get in. And that's the most important thing to remember. If your score is lower, you can consider Washington State a reach school... and if you LOVE that school, you should 100% still go for it! You just need to make sure the rest of your materials are SPOT ON and that you're showing the school how awesome and unique you are, and how you'll be an asset to their school.