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What is the S club used for?

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The "S" club stands for Sandwedge. A player will often use the club when hitting a shot out of a bunker/snadtrap when whithin reach of the green. Sandwedges commonly have a 54 degree angle and are heavyer than other irons.

2005-03-18 19:14:39
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What is a d golf club used for?

A D golf club is the largest club in golf, it is used for drives to start par 4's and 5's. The D stands for driver. It is generally about 460cc. The D basically only used off the tee, because without the use of the tee, the ball is too low on the club, and this will result in inproper ball trajectory.

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Treatment of talipes equinovarus?

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Below is the etymology of the word club:It appears first circa 1200 AD, as a "thick stick used as a weapon," from Old Norse klubba, a cudgel, from Pre-Germanic. klumbon, related to clump perhaps the sound made using it. Old English words for club were sagol, cycgel (similar to cudgel). The specific sense or use of the word club as a "bat used in games" is from the mid-15th century. Use of club as a verb, "to hit with a club," comes from the 1590's. The social club, from the 1660's, apparently evolved from this word in the 17th century and appears to arise from the verbal sense to gather in a club-like mass, circa 1620 AD, and then an association of people around the 1640's.

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