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Generally it is the basement. If you house doesn't have one, then it would be an interior room on the lowest floor.

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Q: What is the Safest spot to go in your house during a tornado?
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What is the safest spot in the house during an earthquake?

there really is not a safe spot in the house but the safest would have to be a support beam

If there is a tornado warning where do you go if your in a hotel?

If you are in your room, usually the bathroom is the safest spot in such cases.

Where is the safest place to hide during an earthquake in world?

The safest place to hide during a tornado is either a basement or a tub with a mattress over top of it. But for an earthquake it is safe to hide inside of your home is in a doorframe or under a desk that is against the wall. The best hiding spot is proably outside and away from trees or buildings. At least outside you won't get crushed by your own house or someone else's.

How do people protect themselves from tornadoes?

# Make sure to check to make sure your school and house has a plan in case a tornado were to hit. # If you are in a mobile home or are in a car (If you are ever in a car when you spot a not try to outrun it! Many people have lost their lives from trying to do that), when you spot a tornado, make sure to go outside and find a ditch (or hole) to lay in. Lay on your knees (like a rock position) with your face toward the ground, and with your hands over your head. # The safest place to protect yourself in your house would be the basement or a small closet. Never hid next to a window or objects that could harm you.

Is Dallas a tornado spot?

Dallas is in Tornado Alley and has be struck by tornadoes before, so yes.

What is the tip of a tornado called?

There is no real term for the tip of a tornado. A small area of intense suction in a tornado may be referred to as a suction spot.

How long does a tornado stay in one area?

It depends on the size of the tornado and how fast it's moving. Most tornadoes will only be over a given spot for a few seconds. A large tornado moving at normal speed may be over a spot for a minute or two. However, one tornado was noted to have stayed on the same spot for 90 minutes.

What should you do if there is a tornado and you are outside and not close to a house or a ditch?

If you are not in a ditch, try to find one nearby. If none is available, find a low spot and lie flat on the ground.

What should you do to prepare yourself for a tornado?

In the long term you should determine a safe spot in your house ahead of time, preferably in a basement or storm cellar. If you don't have one choose a room on the lowest floor in the center part of your house. Keep a battery operated weather radio handy. When a tornado is coming get to you safe spot immediately crouch down and cover yourself if possible. Do not bother with opening windows. Contrary to popular belief this will do nothing to save your house.

Can a tornado stay in one spot?

Yest, tornadoes have been known to remain on one spot, though it is rare.

How can you prepare for an earthquake?

What you need to do is you need to make sure that you have good first aid kits and look for the safest spot in your house.So make sure you have an earthquake first aid kit in your house.

What speed was the slowest Tornado?

There is no single slowest tornado as many tornadoes have been completely stationary and just stayed on one spot.

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