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Chasing Lights.

released 20th October 2008 on Polydor/Fascination Records


released 16th October 2009 on Polydor/Fascination Records


released 16th August 2010 on Polydor/Fascination Records

Headlines is the 3rd album by The Saturdays but it is an EP (extended play album) not a studio album The Saturdays new 3rd studio album is coming in 2011.

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Q: What is the Saturdays album called?
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What is the Saturdays new single?

The Saturdays' New Single Is Called Turning Myself In And Will Be On Their 4th Album (4th If You Include Headlines To Be An Album)

What is the nameof the Saturdays debut album?

Chasing Lights :)

Why did The Saturdays call themselves The Saturdays?

Rochelle (from The Saturdays) once explained that they called themselves The Saturdays because it's everyone's favourite day, and it is always the best night out.

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How did the Saturdays get their name?

Rochelle from The Saturdays once explained that they called themselves The Saturdays because it's everyone's favourite day and is always the best night out.

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In the show The Secret Saturdays they called Fisk a fiskerton phantom and lumerian( kur guardian)

How many years have the saturdays been a band?

The Saturdays are an alternative girl group formed in Britain in 2007. Their debut album was released one year later. See the Related Links below for confirmation of this information.

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she is called Frankie sanford

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No.I think they are just working on an album and not making any songs at the moment.I give good answers ,don't I ?

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