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What is the Scientific name for algae in pond water?

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Does algae need water in order to grow?

Yes; most algae even live in water (such as pond algae).

Algae and aquatic plants plants that live in water need what to live in pond water?


How do you cure green water in your garden pond?

The green water in your garden pond is caused by green algae that grows in the water. There are chemicals that are made to control the amount of algae in the pond without harming your fish that are in the pond. The safest and best solution is to stock fish that eat this algae and use them as your control method. You don't want to have a pond with no algae in it as this is normal and shows that you have a healthy environment. Too much algae makes it hard for your fish to move and breath so it needs to be controlled.

How does an increase in algae growth harm a lake or pond?

Algae use much of the oxygen in water.

How does pond-weed survive in water?

it eats algae

How does pond scum eat?

Pond scum consists of algae. Algae is an autotroph, meaning they do not need to eat. Instead, they produce food internally from carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight using photosynthesis.Pond scum is a algae, a plant. It needs sunlight. If you want to not have pond scum, you need to aerate the water. Avoid plant fertilizers as they will just make the pond scum grow faster.

How do you use algae in a meaningful sentence?

Algae covered the top of the pond. The pond was full of algae.

How does a thick layer of algae growing on the surface of a pond affect the lives of other organisms living in the pond?

The answer is that the algae will block the sunlight and can cause some living animals in the pond die. Also, bacteria will grow, break down everything in the pond, but not the algae, and will get in the oxygen in the water. Fishes and other organisms in the water die without fresh oxygen. About the only life that survives is the algae on the surface.

Where does algae live?

There are lots of types of algae. but algae live, grow and multiply in water. but where you ask? in a fish tank, pond, or the ocean.

What pond animal eats snails?

Algae, water ribbons and reed

What is pond silk?

Pond silk is the common name of Spirogyra (algae) because it is very slimy in shape.

What happen when you have overpopulation of algae in pond?

If the population of algae in a pond dies, what will happen to the population of fish that eat the algae?

Is some algae necessary in a healthy pond?

Yes, it is because without any algae some living animals in the pond would die. Algae can be food for some creatures in the pond. If your pond is just for admiring and not for living creatures, no, it isn't because the algae will take over the pond and no living creature is in it to eat the algae.

How do you clear green water in a goldfish pond?

Algae in a goldfish pond is quite common with an increase in sun (light) and temperature. To try and keep algae to a minimum you will want to look at ways to provide the pond with shade, and regularly change out some of the water for fresh water during the warmer months.

Does algae in a fish pond contribute to the amount of oxygen in the water for the fish to breath?


Design an experiment that uses pond water and algae to demonstrate the importantance of light energy to pond life?

by being oomeen

What is the scientific name for a pond skater?

Pond skater or water striders belong to the Gerridae family, with 500 species. A common European species is Gerris remigis.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the Pond Apple?

The scientific name would be Annona glabra.

What 2 microbes could be found in pond water?

Under examination, pond water is full of microbes. Bacteria is found in large numbers, as are protozoa and algae.

What is the specific name of the protist that you call pond scum?

Pond scum is green algae of the phylum chlorophyta of the protista kingdom.

How do you kill algae in a koi pond?

In a pond, there is no possible way of keeping an algae-free pond with fish in it. You can choose one or the other- A pond with fish and some algae or a pond with no algae and no fish. The chemicals needed to kill ALL algae would kill the fish. I have a pond with around 20 koi. I use Green Clean. It is a white powder and it kills most of the algae when it hits it. I find that PondCare Algaefix also somewhat works.

What do pond fish eat?

they eat tiny insects that land on the surface of the water and algae

How do you keep backyard pond water clear?

All you have to do is get a rake and scoop all of the algae out.

What is the scientific name for the Lepidoptera known as the Pond apple leafroller?

The accepted scientific name is Argyrotaenia amatana.

How do you make algae?

algae comes from a pond!! when you have a little algae it will grow by its self

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