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Possibly 'mo nighean'? It means 'my daughter' in Scottish Gaelic.

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In Irish (Gaelic) it is "leathcheann". In (Scottish) Gaelic: ?

In Irish: do dheartháir In Scottish Gaelic: do bhràthair

In Irish it's 'rúndaingne'; in Scottish Gaelic:?

Irish is: an áitScottish Gaelic is: an t-àite

Irish Gaelic: saoirse Scottish Gaelic: saorsa or saorsainn

The Scottish name Sheena is spelled Sìne in (Scottish) Gaelic. It is the equivalent of the English 'Jane'.

In Irish Gaelic: fíorghráIn Scottish Gaelic: fìor-ghaol

"Gaelic" can mean "Irish Gaelic' or "Scottish Gaelic". They are classified as two distinct languages.

in aice le/ in aice leis an is the Irish Gaelic.ri taobh is the Scottish Gaelic.

You need to specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic: they are two separate languages.

There is no special spelling of the name in Irish or Scottish Gaelic: it would be the same as in English.

The Irish word for 'dragon' is 'dragún'; the Scottish Gaelic is 'dragan'.

In Irish - déan (do), dóchas (hope) In Scottish Gaelic - dèan - dòchas

In Irish it's "abhainn". In Scottish Gaelic it is "abhainn" also.

The Irish word for 'story' is 'scéal' and the Scottish Gaelic is 'sgeulachd'.

is or tá (tha, Scottish) depending on context.

The Scottish Gaelic word for 'child' is leanabh.

In Scottish Gaelic: teaghlach