What is the Shema and why is it so important to Jews?

The shema is the basic and main tenet of Judaism: to be a witness and to know that there is but one G-d above. This is a very important prayer because it is the declaration of Jewish faith which all Jews across the world must know and believe in we all must believe in this amazing truth

The shema is a prayer where judiasm started from the knowing of one G-d

This prayer is a very holy prayer because when saying it you are connecting with Hashem on a great level because you know and believe in the truth (one G-d)

The shema is not a praise its a fact true fact/ statement about G-d

Just like roses are red;G-d is one its a true fact

When we cover our eyes in shema its done for consentration on these holy words:

Hear Israel Hashem our G-d hes one and only its true fact- by saying these words we are annouceing all over to our nation that our G-d is one and he is true

so next time you say this amazing prayer that's been said for years think about that this is the truth we are here because of this amazing truth That G-d is one