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I myself am a beekeeper and know of no bees that will swarm actively at night. With this said, any bee colony that does swarm may not find a new location to move to in a 24-hour period after swarming from the old colony. So these bees will just stay at the current location (Usually a branch)until the scout bees find a new location to move into the following day. As far as being a “Short chubby bee”, I would think that this would be a bubble bee or one of it’s cousins.

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Swarming insect that costs nothing?

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What is the answer to hink pink a swarming insect that cost nothing?

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What are some of the dangers of bee removal?

Some of the dangers involved with bee removal can be: damaging the hive, swarming of the bees during hive movement, and stings suffered from attacking bees. The latter being possibly more dangerous if one is allergic to bee stings.

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Where can one find a bee exterminator in the Miami area?

Some of the places that one could find a bee exterminator in the Miami area are at Crazy Bee Man and Orkin. These are two of the companies that will remove a swarming of bees. Another place that one could find a bee exterminator is at Miami-Dade County's official animal control helpline.

What is the size of an average bee hive?

When swarming, bee scouts look for a cavity of around 40-50 litres. Most beehives tend to be about twice this size, although it's impossible to be precise, because they are usually modular, and thus expandable.

What causes night fever?

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What kind of bee comes out at night and stings or bites you?

It is very rare for a bee to be out at night. If you get stung at night by a bee it most likely will be because you have accidentally disturbed a hive. Bees live both above ground (such as honey bees) and below ground (such as bumble bees).

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Bee flight adaptations Muscles for flying short choppy wing strokes wings rotate like a helicopter Bee flight adaptations Muscles for flying short choppy wing strokes wings rotate like a helicopter

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