What is the Spanish 'Necesito tomar agua' in English?

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I need to drink water is an English equivalent of 'Necesito tomar agua'. The verb 'necesito' means '[I] am needing, do need, need'. The infinitive 'tomar' means 'to take, drink'. The feminine noun 'agua' means 'water'. All together, they're pronounced 'neh-seh-SEE-toh toh-MAH-RAH-gwah'.
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What is 'Jaime' when translated from Spanish to English?

"Jacob" and "James" are standard English equivalents of the Spanish name Jaime . The pronunciation of the masculine proper name will be "HEYE-mey"* in Spanish. *The sound is similar to that in the English noun "eye."

What was first English or Spanish?

English wins by about 300 years. The history of English is dated from around 450, while the history of Spanish as distinct from Latin does not begin until the 8th Century, and the National standard, Castillian, did not exist until much later.

What is the Spanish word 'agua' in English?

" Water " is an English equivalent of " agua ." Specifically, the Spanish word is a feminine noun. But it takes the masculine singular definite article " el " ("the") in the singular. One reason lies in the reluctance to follow the ending vowel " a " of the feminine singular definite article " la ( Full Answer )

How do you conjugate tomar?

Indicative, of the portuguese verb 'tomar' Eu tomo Tu tomas Ele toma Nós tomamos Vós tomais Eles tomam. Past Eu tomei Tu tomaste Ele tomou Nós tomamos Vós tomastes Eles tomaram. Future Eu tomarei Tu tomarás Ele tomará Nós tomaremos Vós ( Full Answer )

What is the Spanish 'agua mala' in English?

Agua Mala is the slang term used for Portuguese Man o' War, a sea creature. Agua Mala would translate to (if not refering to the slang term) bad water.

What is aguas frescas?

Aguas Freacas is a Nortcarachinean ritual in which all the people of the tribe come down the the nearest fish well and bring up ten fish to swim in a large washbucket with all of the villagers white clothes. this is belived to purify and bring good luck to the wearers of the clothes. the villagers t ( Full Answer )

What is the Spanish 'verde agua' in English?

Green water is an English equivalent of 'verde agua'. The adjective 'verde' means 'green'. The feminine noun 'agua' means 'water'. Together, they're pronounced 'behr-theh AH-gwah'. But it isn't the usual order in which the phrase is said in Spanish. Typically, 'green water' is said 'agua ve ( Full Answer )

What is agua oxinada?

It is Hydrogen Peroxide H 2 O 2 , usually it is used to remove dirt and further infection to cuts.

What is the Spanish 'tomar agua' in English?

To drink water is an English equivalent of 'tomar agua'. The infinitive 'tomar' means 'to take, to drink'. The feminine noun 'agua' means 'water'. Together, they're pronounced 'toh-MAH-RAH-gwah'.

What are the Spanish forms of ser in Spanish and English?

Son éstas las conjugaciones del verbo estar: Infinitivo: Estar (to be) Infinitivo compuesto: Haber estado (to have been) Gerundio simple: Estando (being) Gerundio compuesto: Habiendo estado (having been) PArticipio: Estado (been) Presente de indicativo: Yo estoy (I am) Tú e ( Full Answer )

What is the Spanish 'el agua' in English?

Water or The water may be English equivalents of 'el agua'. The feminine noun 'agua' means 'water'. In the singular, it takes the masculine definite article 'el' . In the plural, it takes the feminine definite article 'las' , to be written as 'las aguas' . The singular is pronounced 'eh-LA ( Full Answer )

What is 'agua' in Nicaragua?

Water is what 'agua' means in Nicaragua. The Central American country is a Latin American nation that includes Spanish among its spoken languages. The Spanish word is a feminine noun whose definite article in the singular is the masculine form 'el' , but the feminine 'las' in the plural. It's ( Full Answer )

What is the word his when translated from Spanish to English?

The possessive "his" is "su" if it's singular (his book = su libro) and "sus" if it's plural (his books= sus libros) Because su/sus also means her, your, and their, many times the phrase will have a a qualifier "de él" tacked on.

How to say English in Spanish?

"English", as in the English language, is "inglés". "The English" as a nationality, is "los ingleses". "Soy de Inglaterra" means "I am from England".

What is the Spanish 'Tres Robles' in English?

Three oaks is an English equivalent of 'Tres robles'. The number 'tres' means 'three'. The masculine noun 'robles' means 'oak trees'. Together, they're pronounced 'treh-SROH-blehs'.

What is the Spanish 'el bolígrafo' in English?

The ball point pen is an English equivalent of 'el bolígrafo' . The masculine definite article 'el' means 'the'. The masculine noun 'bolígrafo' means 'ball point pen'. Together, they're pronounced 'ehl boh-LEE-grah-FOH'.

What is the spanish word pene in English?

It is a bad word it means a male reproductive organ. I will not go into more specific description. Go to goggle translator your self if you want to actually know and you are not some mindless hooligan. ***************** Well, I disagree with this answer. "Pene" is not a bad word. It just means "pe ( Full Answer )

What is the Spanish 'Buen norte' in English?

Good north [ ern exposure ] is an English equivalent of 'Buen norte'. The masculine adjective 'bueno' * means 'good, fortunate'. The masculine noun 'norte' means 'north'. Together, they're pronounced 'bwehn NOHR-teh'. *The vowel 'o' of 'bueno' may drop before a noun that begins with a co ( Full Answer )

What is the English word but translated to in spanish?

The translation depends on how the word "but" is being used. If you wanted to say, "I like green, but my favorite color is blue," you would use the word "pero." If you wanted to say, "She is anything but pretty," you could use "salvo." When you're using "but" as an adverb, though, you don't use e ( Full Answer )

To Convert English names to Spanish?

A great internet resource is behindthename.com. This will give you a comprehensive list of every form of almost any name, current and past, male and female; you can also specify a language and gender you want a translation for. Need a quick translation at a time when you don't have internet access? ( Full Answer )

What does the Spanish word gandulesmean in English?

gandules means beans. gandules are a specific type of beans put into rice together to make arroz con gandules, meaning rice with beans. unlike standard rice and beans which beans can either be served next to, on top of, or in the rice, arroz con gandules comes made with the beans specifically in the ( Full Answer )

Are the numbers the same in English and Spanish?

well they are 1,2,3,4 but the writing is different like one = uno two = dos three = tres four = cuatro twenty = veinte additionally, some numbers ARE Different. in English a Billion = 1000,000,000 in Spanish a Billón = 1000,000,000,000 Speaking of Billones in Spanish is therefore ( Full Answer )

What is the English word boiled in Spanish?

It depends on how you want to use it and who is doing it. However the verbs for "to boil" are hervir, which is to boil water, and cocer, which is to boil food. Let me know how you want to say it on my message board.

English to Spanish I am going to work?

Voy a trabajar. Literally "I go to work", but normally translated as "I am going to work". If you are in the actual process of going to work, you could say "Estoy yendo a trabajar."

Body parts in Spanish and English?

back-espalda head-cabeza eyes-ojos leg-pierna elbow-coda heel-muy hair-pro chin-barbilla stomach-estomago lips-labios forehead-frente nose-nariz mouth-boca toe-dedo del pie dedo-finger tounge-lengua ear-oreja teeth-diebtes foot-pie hand-mano

Do spanish people speak English?

many Spanish people have learned to speak English, the same as English speaking people have learned to speak Spanish, this goes for almost any one who thinks it is great to learn different languages and it serves them well when travelling to different parts of the world.

What is the Spanish 'marea negra' in English?

'Oil spill' is an English equivalent of 'marea negra'. The feminine noun 'marea' literally means 'tide'. The feminine adjective 'negra' means 'black'. Together, they're pronounced 'mah-REH-ah NEH-grah'.

What does Bebo agua mean in spanish?

yo bebo agua = i drink water tu bebes = you drink el/ella bebe = he/she drink nosotros bebemos = we drink ellos/ellas beben = they drink at least thats what is says in my spanish book.

What is 'Necesito laxante' when translated from Spanish to English?

"I need a laxative" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase Necesito laxante . The pronunciation of the declarative statement -- which typically includes no word for "a" ( un or uno in the masculine, una in the feminine) -- will be "NEY-they-SEE-to lak-SAN-tey" in Spain and "NEY-sey-SEE ( Full Answer )

What does el agua mean in spanish?

The water Agua is water. El agua is "the water" or just water. It is not a water hole. A water hole is abrevadero, aguada, or bebedero

What is agua-regia?

It is a chemical composed of Nitric and Hydrochloric acid that has the property to dissolve gold, platinum and palladium.

What does quieres mi y quiero tu permite tomar lento mean in spanish?

This is a case where somebody translated word by word and ended up writing something that makes little sense as written. Literal Translation: You want my and I want your it allows to take slow. Probable intended Spanish: Me quieres y te quiero, permítenos tomarla lentamente. Intended Spa ( Full Answer )

What does 1 vaso de agua 1 hora antes del estudio mean in English?

\n \n \n \n \n \n\n Translation: One cup of\nwater, One hour before study \n\n \n \n Normal \n 0 \n \n \n \n \n false \n false \n false \n \n EN-US \n X-NONE \n X-NONE \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n ( Full Answer )

Who is Nash aguas?

nash aguas is an actor in luv u and i am a really big fan of himhis so cute and hot - iamroseannp