What is the State flower of Sikkim?

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In Sikkim
The Noble Orchid (Cymbidium goeringii) is the state flower of Sikkim, Republic of India.
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What is the state flower and state fish of Mississippi?

State Flower: Magnolia . On February 26, 1952, the magnolia , Magnolia grandiflora , was finally officially adopted as Mississippi's state flower. . State Fish: Largemouth or Black Bass . The Largemouth or Black Bass, Micropterus salmoides , was designated the State Fish of Mississippi, ( Full Answer )

What is nebraskas state flower?

The state flower of Nebraska is the goldenrod. It is a yellowishgold, puffy looking flower. The goldenrod was declared the stateflower in 1895.

What is Kansas state flower?

The state flower for Kansas is the wild sunflower. The state birdis the western meadowlark and the capitol city is Topeka.

What is China's state flower?

A National Flower of China Peony China's national flower is the splendid and fragrant peony. Formerly, China was called the hua gua (flowery kingdom). The Chinese chose the splendid peony, hardy yet fragrant, as a symbol of China's past glories and future hopes.

Pennsylvania state flower?

The Mountain Laurel is the state flower of Pennsylvania. This wasnamed the official flower for the state in 1933.

What is a state flower?

It is the flower a state adopts to be "their flower". Usually, the flower is native to the area. Hope this helped! -LoverGirl13

What is the states flower?

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing which state you are asking about. But in general, every state in the United States has certain symbols, which are used to promote the state's history and culture. The state bird, for example, may be the most commonly seen bird in that state or ( Full Answer )

What are the state flowers?

The names of the states are in bold. The flowers themselves are not. Alabama Camellia Alaska Forget Me Not Arizona Saguaro Cactus Blossom Arkansas Apple Blossom California California Poppy Colorado Rocky Mountain Columbine Connecticut Mountain laurel Delaware Peach Blossom Flori ( Full Answer )

How Hawaii's state flower became the state flower of Hawaii?

The hibiscus is the official state flower: back in the 1920s, when Hawaii was still a territory, their leaders chose this flower because it was native to Hawaii, very beautiful, and in traditional Hawaiian culture, it represented royalty or authority. In 1959, when Hawaii became a state, the legisla ( Full Answer )

Which state has a wild rose as its state flower?

New York which selected the rose (Genus Rosa) without naming any of the 100 or more species or any particular color. Georgia for example selected the Cherokee Rose ( Rosa laevigata), Iowa, which selected the Wild Prarie Rose ( Rosa arkansana), North Dakota which also chose the Wild Prarie Rose b ( Full Answer )

What four states have the same state flower?

Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin all have the violet as their state flower. However, two of them (Illinois and Wisconsin) actually have a variation of the violet. Illinois's variation is called the Purple Violet, while Wisconsin's is called the Wood Violet. So, in a sense, only two ( Full Answer )

What state is gardenia the state flower?

The gardenia, actually not a flower but a flowering shrub from southeast China, is not the state flower for any U.S. States or Commonwealths. However, not every state flower is a flower - some are trees. The Tahitian gardenia is the national "flower" of Tahiti. ~ Madeline, NYC and NJ dog trainer

What two states have the same state flower?

There are actually two sets of states with exactly the same kind of flower: . Iowa and North Dakota: Wild Prairie Rose . New Jersey and Rhode Island: Violet

Do any states have the same state flower?

Yes. . Georgia, Iowa, New York, and North Dakota all have some version of the rose as their state flower. . Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin have the violet as a state flower. . Washington and West Virginia have two different variations of the rhododendron as their state flower.

What is Cuba's state flower?

The national flower of Cuba is the "Mariposa blanca" which translates into English as "White butterfly flower."

What is the Northern Territory's state flower?

The floral emblem of the Northern Territory is Sturt's Desert Rose , not to be confused with the Sturt's Desert Pea, which is the floral emblem of South Australia.

Fl state tree and flower?

The state tree of Florida is the Cabbage Palmetto and the state flower is the Orange Blossom.

What is Arizona's official state flower?

The Arizona state flower is the Saguaro Cactus Blossom, which is indeed very beautiful when it blooms in the spring. This is a night blooming white and yellow flower of the Saguaro Cactus.

How did Utah get its state flower?

The sego lily was made the official state flower after a census was taken of the state's school children as to their preference for a state flower

What is the state flower and animal of all the states?

Indian State - State Animal Andhra Pradesh, Haryana & Punjab - Black Buck Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland - Mithun Assam - One-horned rhino Bihar,Goa - Gaur Chattisgarh - Wild Water Buffalo Gujarat - Asiatic Lion Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand - Musk deer ( Full Answer )

What is Sikkim stag?

Sikkim Stag Cervus elaphas wallichii : is a Red Deer and a close relative of The Kashmir stag ( Cervus elaphus hanglu ), also called Hangul. It is found in the Chumbi valley in Tibet-Sikkim border. Lastly this species was reported in Pangolakha area in Sikkim in 1991. Supposed to be extinct in In ( Full Answer )

When did Tennessee's state flower become the state flower?

In the early 1930s, flower gardening was gaining popularity in the state. Along with the increased interest in flower gardening came garden clubs and along with garden clubs came appreciation and fascination with the iris, a flower that had been cultivated for thousands of years