What is the Summary of the poem peacock by sujata bhatt?

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by Sujata Bhatt.
Here she appreciates the royal, fascinating, mind blowing, precious, magnificent , gorgeous things of a peacock. basically a peacock is referred as India's animal so all that she appreciates is of India. the word mentioned of "then, a flash of turquoise in the pi pal tree" it means of a color that is bluish- green, named after a precious stone. so the whole poem is talking about her country INDIA. and she illustrates in her own words that if you are reading an interesting book and some thing just irritates like of a wind, a steady hum of bees, or the bushes near nearby, or the cat that stretches " will break free your attention on what you were reading is to take a view of the peacock.

By Aljeena.
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