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The northern part of Texas just below the Oklahoma Panhandle.

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Why does Texas have a pan handle?

Because we just do

What does Texas look like a boot topped by a cactus?

Pan handle

What is the phone number of the Pan-Handle Plains Museum in Clarendon Texas?

The phone number of the Pan-Handle Plains Museum is: 806-874-9828.

Where is the Pan-Handle Plains Museum in Clarendon Texas located?

The address of the Pan-Handle Plains Museum is: 4475 Co Rd, Clarendon, TX 79226

What is the flattest place in Texas?

especially pan handle especially the northern panhandle from Peyton to Dalhart.

How many miles is Texas from south to north?

There are about 820 miles, from Brownsville to the Oklahoma pan handle.

What is the distance of the upper pan handle of Texas west to east?

It's about 175 miles from NM to OK through the upper panhandle of Texas.

Why does the handle of a metal pan get hot?

the handle is magnetic.

Why is the handle of a frying pan made of aluminum?

The handle of my frying pan is actually plastic, which is resistant to heat.

Which us state has a pan handle?

Florida Oklahoma Texas Idaho west Virginia, Virginia, north Carolina. New Mexico Maryland

What does a saute pan look like?

A saute pan looks like a fry pan with a lid. It has the normal long handle but also has a small handle on the other side

Map of pan handle?


Why does a pan handle get hot when cook?

I think it is because it is metal and metal retaliates to heat . Something like that

Why is Florida called the pan handle?

Look at Florida on a map. The state resembles the handle from a pan. *Actually, the panhandle is only referring to the north-west part of Florida, not the entire state. However it does resemble a pan handle that is not what it is referring to*

Why is the handle of a frying pan made up of a poor conductor?

So you don't burn your fingers when lifting the hot frying pan off the stove.

What part of a pan is a good insulator?

The handle

When you heat a frying pan why does the heat travel up through the handle?

If you have a metal pan with a metal handle, then it get hot because of conduction. If you have a metal pan with a rubber coated handle, then it shouldn't get hot.

What material is the fying pan handle made of?

The frying pan handle is made up of Ebonite which is a poor conductor of heat and helps us in avoiding a burn.

Can I use an enamel pan in the oven?

Normally yes, so long as the pan does not have a plastic handle.

How could panhandle of Alaska be described as?

a handle of a pan

Can you bake in a chafing pan?

The type of handle on the chafing pan would be the only consideration. Will it survive in the oven?

Where is the University Of Texas - Pan American in Edinburg Texas located?

The address of the University Of Texas - Pan American is: 1201 W. University Drive, Edinburg, TX 78539-2909

What are three states with a pan handle?

Alaska, Florida, and Oklahoma

What states are in the Oklahoma panhandle?

The Oklahoma Panhandle is the northwestern region of the state. It is shaped like the handle of a frying pan. It is bordered by Kansas and Colorado on the north, New Mexico on the west, and Texas on the south.

Should the handle on a frying pan be made of a material that is a conductor or an insulator?

It should be made from an insulator, so that it slows heat transfer from the hot frying pan to the handle, and therefore, from the handle to your hand. Unless of course, you want to burn your hand. In which case, by all means, make the handle out of a conductor.