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for chevy s10 blazer v-6

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Q: What is the Transmission fluid capacity 97 s10 blazer 4x4 4.3 auto?
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How do you change auto transmission fluid in 1993 Chevy blazer?

You will have to remove the transmission pan that is on the bottom of the transmission to drain the fluid.

What is the auto transmission fluid capacity on ford 450?

12 wuarts

What is auto transmission fluid capacity for Nissan x trail?


What is the transmission fluid capacity in a 2004 Nissan Maxima SL?

The transmission fluid capacity in a 2004 Nissan Maxima SL is approximately 3.5 quarts. The transmission fluid can be purchased at any auto parts store.

What is a 1999 ford escort auto transmission fluid capacity?

The capacity with a filter change is 4.1 Qts.

What is the fluid capacity of a 91 s10 5 speed manual transmission?

The transmission fluid capacity for a 1991 S10 5 speed manual transmission is approximately 3 quarts. This can be purchased at any auto parts store.

Capacity of ford transmission fluid 4.9 automatic?

Most Ford 4.9 vehicles can hold 4 to 5 quarts of automatic transmission fluid. The transmission fluid can be purchased at auto part stores such as NAPA.

What is the gear oil capacity for a 1997 Chevy Blazer 4x4 Transfer Case?

You should use Dexron III Automatic Transmission Fluid or GM Auto-Trak II fluid which are recommended by the manufacturer. All Chevy Blazers through 1998 will hold 1.25qts.

How much fluid does 2003 dodge Durango 5.9 auto transmission hold?

Total capacity is about twelve quarts.

How many gallons of fluid for a 1995 Honda civic lx radiador?

Coolant Capacity, Quarts:Man. Transmission 4.76 Auto. Transmission 4.6

Auto transmission fluid capacity Mazda b2300?

About 6 quarts, depends if it's completely dry or flush and fill

What is the fluid capacity of the 2002 VW TDI Auto Transmission?

about 6 quarts, though I get out about 4 when I use a Pella Oil Extractor

What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 2001 Chrysler Neon?

Auto holds about 9 quarts when empty. Manual holds near 5

What is the capacity of transmission fluid for your 1992 Toyota Paseo?

Manual transmission = 2.5 u.s. qts. Auto transmission = 3.3 u.s. qts. source = 1992 Toyota Paseo repair manual

How do you flush the oil out of a 1986 Chevy Blazer 4x4 transmission?

remove drain plug and fill plug uses dexron gm auto trans fluid

What Type of transmission fluid in 2006 Ford escape?

Mercron v auto transmission fluid

Why wont your 1999 eclipse shift out of first gear?

Check transmission fluid level (auto) Change transmission fluid and filter (auto)

What type of clutch fluid does a 86 Blazer use?

An 86 Blazer does not use a special type of brake fluid. Standard fluid from any auto parts will work fine.

What is Capacity of auto transmission fluid of 2001 dodge ram 5.2?

Filter service is about 5 quarts. Dry fill is about 12 quarts

How much trans fluid capacity can a 1997 Chevy suburban?

A 1997 Chevrolet Suburban will hold approximately 4 quarts of transmission fluid. This fluid can be purchased at any auto parts store such as NAPA.

What type of transmission fluid in a 1969 dodge dart with a manual transmission?

DEXRON auto trans fluid

What type of transmission oil for a 2001 Honda Prelude?

If it's a Sport Shift (auto), then you use Honda's auto transmission fluid. If it's a manual, Honda's manual transmission fluid. Use no other fluid in your Honda.

What is the transmission fluid capacity for GM t350 auto box?

11 to 12 quarts bone dry, 4 to 5 after just a pan drop

What is the transmission pan fluid capacity for a 96 ram with a 5.9 auto trans?

Filter service is about 5 quarts, dry fill is about 12 quarts

What does ATF mean in car?

Auto Transmission Fluid

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