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What is the Value of a Westernfield 3030 lever action carbine in good condition?


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2005-11-19 04:40:43
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11/18/05 I just purchased a nice little western field 30-30 that is about 85%, No rust, no pits. It is used but not abused for 160.00- The research I did says it was manufactured in 1966 - I expect to pass it on to my kids. Good Luck


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You can expect the value of your firearm to be between 50-125 dollars depending on the overall condition of your westernfield.

$100-$300 depending on condition.

you stole them........ value depends of make & condition. $400-$650

Between $50-$100, depending on condition.

$75 to $400 US depending on the condition.

$400-$900 depending on condition and originality.

In the condition you describe,your Winchester carbine is valued at 995 dollars(US currency).

If both rifle and carbine are in unfired(new in the box condition) with the hang tags and original boxes?The value will be 1,375 dollars for the set.

Depends on condition and originality. Going rate for a good condition M1 Carbine is about $700-$800.

Value of any firearm is based on EXACT make and model, condition, and originality. An ORIGINAL M1A1 carbine in excellent condition may be worth $1000, but there are civilian versions of the military carbine, and aftermarket "paratrooper" stocks that may be worth $200.

The Cactus Carbine model 799-19210 was made between 1960-70. It was made by Daisy Air gun and is really a Daisy model 1894 Cactus Carbine. Please state the condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value.

The value of your Model 54 Winchester Carbine will depend on the condition. There are reports of sales of between 800.00-1000.00.

The Universal Arms thirty caliber M1 Carbine, with a Monte Carlo stock is valued at $430 in good condition.?รฆ Fair condition value is $350.

Assuming you mean a #5 Enfield Jungle Carbine, value will depend on condition. Can range from $200-$500 dollars

condition, condition, condition!! I would pay from $150 for a rifle to $500+ for a carbine. depending on the condition, originality, accessories and location.

565 same as noble 60 a good utility shotgun value depends on condition i have 3 of them paid 50-75-85 i would value top at 125 in good condition

your arisaka is worth between 125.00 in 70% condition up to 325.00 in 90% condition.

$130 since ammo is next to impossible to find

Depends on condition. These have been selling for about $700-$800.

depends on condition (overall). suggest your look up smith carbines on: cp;; look for smith carbine matching yours (condition) then look at auction/selling price

$50-$100, depending on condition. Westernfield was a name used for guns sold by Montgomery Wards stores, and made by companies such as Savage, Mossberg, Marlin, Winchester, etc

10-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

Winchester Model 1882, 32-20 caliber, what is the value good condition

were can i get a stock for it

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