What is the Victorious episode Jade Dumps Beck about?

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Jade breaks up with Beck due to her jealousy of him hanging out with an attractive celebrity. She then has second thoughts about it and asks Tori to help her get him back. After the two girls get a rottweiler who attacks and brutally injures Beck's father, Beck and Jade do get back together. Meanwhile, Robbie reviews Trina's one-woman show, which was so terrible it was almost funny. After some advice from André, and when Trina threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn't write a good review, Robbie is forced to make a decision, be honest or write a false review to please Trina. In the end, Trina does her show again in front of a much bigger audience.
Absent: Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine

Note: Jerry Trainor from iCarly, makes a cameo appearance in the audience at Trina's play, it was a silent role.
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Who plays jade on victorious?

On the Nickelodeon show Victorious , Elizabeth Gillies plays Jade. She was also in the Clique Movie , and played Lucy in the Broadway musical, 13 .

Who is Jade in the TV series Victorious?

Her name in real life is Elizabeth Gillies. In the show she plays a girl named Jade that is dating a guy named Beck and is enemies with the main character Tori.

How do you look like jade on victorious?

1: jade is very mean. and she doesn't care what other people think, so she says whats on her mind. Always. 2: she is tough. the only thing she cares about is her boyfriend Beck. 3: she wears a lot eye makeup- black eyeliner- red lipstick-pink lip gloss 4: she wears BLACK. black shirts, black boot ( Full Answer )

How old is beck on victorious?

A source tells me that Beck is 17 years old However, I'm sure I remember seeing somewhere that Beck is 24 years old.

How can you be like jade west from victorious?

wear black clothing *have an attitude *be really nice to Ur bf *wear black eyeshadow,liner,and mascara *do light peach or dark red lip stick kith light pink or burnt orange blush *never listen to anyone hope i helped

Why Is Jade from Victorious mean to Tori?

because when tori and beck first met she spilled coffee on him and tori tried to get it off his shirt when jade walked in, so she got mad. and because she kissed beck in drama class.

Are beck and jade a good couple in victorious?

They are a very cute couple! They really love each and are very different from most couples but adorable in their own way! They are similar to Sam and Freddie from iCarly. Beck and Jade do fight a lot and Jade can easily get jealous if Beck talks to any other girl especially Tori. They recently brok ( Full Answer )

Is jade from victorious really dating beck in real life?

no, they are not really dating but im not sure. because i think its almost impossible for someone to not have feelings for a person if they have to kiss and fall in love with that person. but no they are not dating, they are good friends though.

Are jade n beck really dating?

i reallly dont know because they kiss alot acting but i think yes but no .bye..........seee ya

Will beck and jade break up later on in victorious?

They do in a later episode in season three sinjin make a t.v couples quiz and Beck and Jade are voted worst couple so Beck decides that maybe they shouldn't go out anymore and leaves without Jade wich shows they have broken up given an earlier remark by Jade "if i count to ten and your not back here ( Full Answer )

Is jade and beck are boyfriend and girlfriend?

no jade and beck is not boyfriend and girlfriend cause jade and beck keep on figging and so jade went outside of tori is house and jade starting to count down by 10 soo beck was going to open the door but tori is sister jump on beck then beck want to open the door and tori is friends help beck cause ( Full Answer )

Who is beck on victorious?

Beck is played by Avan Jogia, he is jades boyfriend and has beenright from the start. they have had there up and downs but theyalways find a way to sort it. He is seen as 'fit' by veiwers. He isalso canadian.

Do beck like jade or tori?

Jade! They broke up in an episode called "The Worst Couple" but they will be getting back together in an episode named "Tori saves Beck and Jade".

Did jade on victorious die?

No she didn't die. But her and her long term boyfriend Beck Oliver broke up though.

Why did Tori and beck kiss in victorious?

It was Tori's first day; she went into Sykowitz's class and they were doing this ABC act thing. Beck was involved.. Tori was at K so she said "Kiss me".

Does Beck like Tori or Jade?

Beck likes Jade! i think it is tori cause when she came new he started liking her

Are the actors beck and jade from really going out?

No Jade and Avan are not going out ovisley it Victoria and Avan becuse they do every thing together in rael life so that is what evreybody thicks .But i am going to be so happy they belog together.:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):)and there are going to end up with echatere

Did beck quit victorious?

I don't think he quit, He's filming a movie, so it's probably cutting into the schedule for victorious. he'll be back

Does jade and beck really go out?

Yes, Jade and Beck do really go out. Why the heck would you ask this question in the first place?! Please use proper grammar. (" Do Jade and Beck really go out?")

Is jade in love with beck?

Yes but they broke up in an episode called "The Worst Couple" but it is very likely she still has feelings for him and according to Dan (creator of victorious) on twitter, they will be getting back together in an episode named (Tori saves Beck and Jade".

Will beck and jade get back together?

Nothing has been said about Jade and Beck getting back together even though a large amount of the fan-base wishes them too if you look at wikipedia you will see that in the episode " Tori goes Platinum " Tori and Beck almost kiss and Jade then finds out which in my mind means that Jade and Beck wil ( Full Answer )

Did beck and jade break up?

Yes because he wasn't happy with the relationship he had with jade so their over and he's single

Will jade and beck start dating again?

Guys, if you watch all of the episodes right when they come out, then you will know that they stopped dating in "The Worst Couple." :( They, of course, are still friends. I don't know when they will start and I'm not so sure, but my answer is that they will. If Jade and Beck are reading this right n ( Full Answer )

Is victorious and beck together?

Tori and beck are not together, but Beck and Jade (beck's girlfriend ) has broke up in the episode Worst couple.

Does jade from victorious have a baby?

yes she does(go on youtube and type jade and beck daddy's little girl i didn't even know they where really together in real life let along had a baby together

Who designed Jade's purple purse in the Jade dumps Beck episode?

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Is beck out victorious single?

In the beginning of victorious he's with Jade together, but in season 3 they broke out the relationship and Beck is single.

What happened to Jade from victorious?

In The Worst Couple, Beck dumps her. In Crazy Ponnie, Cat waxes her eyebrows off. In Tori Saves Beck and jade, she sings a solo!

Do Beck and Jade get back together?

Yes, they do get back together. In the Victorious episode- "Tori Fixes Beck and Jade" a girl named Meredith wants to hang out with Beck, but he's uncomfortable with it because he doesn't want to make Jade jealous. Tori decides to try to find Jade a date so Beck can go out with who he wants, so she a ( Full Answer )