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Do you love to read stories about magic and special powers? Are you hooked on Anime? If you would love to have the power of water and fire at your finger tips then the

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Q: What is the WITCH children's book series?
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RL Stine childrens book series?


Who is the author of the Winnie the Witch book series?

Winnie the Witch is a children's picture book series about a witch named Winnie. There are eleven books in the series. The author of Winnie the Witch is Valarie Thomas.

Which Witch and Wizard book is first in the series?

Witch and Wizard

What was the name of the circa 1980's childrens book series about the Land of Whim or Whimsy or Quim map on the booksleeves had an hourglass labeled Sand Witch's Castle?

The series was called "The Whimsies" by Stephen Cosgrove.

What book in the witch and wizard series come first?

Witch and wizard

Which childrens book has a character called Witch Kiri Kiri?

"Adventures of the Wishing Chair" by Enid Blyton

Who was the author of the Little House series of childrens book?

Laura Ingalls Wilder

What is the order of James Pattersons witch and wizard series?

Witch and Wizard is the first book, and Witch and Wizard: The Gift is the second. There are a couple of graphic novels about the Allgoods but I'm not sure what order they go in. and now he is realising another book in the series but its not in the witch and wizard series its the next book but it is now the new book 1 and it releases on march 20th

What is the first book in the series wicked?

The first book in the Wicked series is Witch, Curse, Legacy, Spellbound, and Resurrection.

Is witch and wizard the fire the last book in the series?


What is James Patterson's top selling book?

His top selling book series is either the Maximum Ride series or the Witch&Wizard series.

Will there be another book after 'Witch and Wizard'?

Yes There are 3 in this series and they are all released Witch and Wizard The Gift The Fire =) =) =)

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