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What is the WWE Storyline?


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It is like Edge and Christian they are brothers in WWE but in real life no


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No, that was just a WWE storyline, there not really brothers. But in the WWE storyline, there called "the brothers of destruction". BE MIZ - BE AWSOME

As of 2013 it is not known if Melina will ever do a lesbian storyline for the WWE.

No, it is not true.The WWE calls them 'brothers' as part of a storyline that they ( WWE ) have created.

It is not known when, or if, Melina Perez will ever have a lesbian storyline in the WWE.

No, that was just a WWE storyline. Maria is soo out of his league;)

Yes it is. Its all apart of a storyline ran by the wwe.

No that was just a storyline

No it is the storyline in the WWE

No,it was just a storyline.

no that is just a wwe storyline.

No,it was just a storyline.

No. They Are storyline borthers. They used that storyline to bring Kane into the WWE.

no she is not that was just a storyline for the wwe

he didn't it is just part of a storyline

He didnt its just a wwe storyline

no he is not it is just a storyline.

She was never fired it was storyline

They rival because of the storyline in WWE.

Because that's what the WWE writters told her to do for their "storyline".

Edge and Christian are NOT brothers. That was just a storyline that the WWE writers created.

No. Sadly, she was released over WWE lack of needing her. Also, she was actually pregnant outside the WWE storyline.

He isn't gone from WWE. The storyline calls for him to be his "Mexican Cousin" Juan Cena.

Kane is Undertakers storyline half-brother.

No, that is just a storyline in WWE.

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