What is the West Indian population in Britain today?

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Population and geography The total population of the West Indies Federation was between 3 and 4 million people, with the majority being of black West African descent. Minorities included Indians from the subcontinent (called East Indians), Europeans, Chinese, and Caribs. There was also a large population of mixed descent (mainly mulattos, but also Afro-Indian, Euro-Indian and mixed-Chinese). In terms of religion, most of the population was Protestant, with significant numbers of Catholics and some Hindus and Muslims (both almost exclusively from the East Indian population). The West Indies Federation (or just West Indies) consisted of around 24 main inhabited islands and approximately 220-230 minor offshore islands, islets and cays (some inhabited, some uninhabited). The largest island was Jamaica, located in the far northwest of the Federation. To the southeast lay the second largest island, Trinidad, followed by Barbados (in terms of population), located at the eastern extremity of the Federation.
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What is Australia's relationship with Britain today?

Australia has a good relationship with Britain and is a member of the British Commonwealth of nations. not to mention that the monarch of Britain is still the titular head of state in Australia.

What are the rights of Indian women today?

Answer . In parts of India, women's rights matter little; and in other parts of India, women's rights have improved.. Answer (expanded version) . Because of globalization and a larger percentage of women entering the workforce, the perceived value of the woman has extended beyond the realms o ( Full Answer )

What events made Britain what it is today?

Britain has been made by a number of remarkable events. The Ice Ages which shaped our island landscape. Invasions by the Danes, and Romans. The Christian missionaries. The Battle of Hastings in 1066 which brought with Norman feudal rule. Magna Carta and Law. The Armada. The Tudors. The English Civil ( Full Answer )

How is Britain governed today?

Britain is primarily governed by the House of Commons. This is made up of 650 MPs (members of parliament) elected from 650 constituencies of varying sizes. Any law passed by the house of commons is ratified by the house of Lords and most bills can be created in either house. The parliament act howev ( Full Answer )

How is Britain ruled today?

the Parliament make laws the queen then either agrees or disagrees with that law then the law is set or not.

What is the population in Britain?

The current population of Great Britain is 57.1 million people. Thepopulation density of Great Britain is 676 people per square mile.

Where do the creek Indians live today?

They live in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. . No, the majority of Creek or Muscogee Indians live in Oklahoma. The tribe headquarters and chief are located in Okmulgee, OK.

Why did Indians and Pakistanis immigrate to Britain?

Greater India (which included modern day India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan & Sri Lanka) was part of theBritish empire and at the end of the second world war Great Britainhad huge labour shortages, so they invited people from the formercolonies to come and fill the huge holes in the wo ( Full Answer )

Where do the chickasaw Indians live today?

Today the Chckasaw Nation has about 42,000 members. Many of them live in Oklahoma. But Chickasaws live all over the world. Their Tribal Headquarters is in Ada, Oklahoma. Today many Chickasaws speak only English. ASome Chickasaw people learn more about traditional ways. Elders teach Chickasaw languag ( Full Answer )

Where do the Mayan Indians live today?

Approximately 7-8 million Mayan peoples, as of 2010, live throughout Guatemala and Belize, as well as in southern Mexico, specifically in the states of Chiapas, Yucatan, Campeche, Quintana Roo, and Tabasco. Mayan is word that refers to the majority of these peoples, like an ethnic label. However t ( Full Answer )

How do Navajo Indians live today?

Today there are 300,000 Navajo and while most live on or near theNavajo Nation they live all over the United States. It is thereforehard to make much of a generalization. They do all sorts ofprofessions and jobs. Of those on the Navajo Nation at least 2/3are of have someone close to them who is invo ( Full Answer )

Who were the Indians of the west?

im srry but ive looked everywhere and i have not found this answer so bye dnt look up stuff on here u cant find anything..Some of the Indians of the west were the Caddoans, Muskhogeans, andthe Blackfeet.

How racist is Britain today?

Britain Is No Racist As It Was Before Because: Before there was segregation between whites and 'colored' people. there was racial discrimination. Many black people were not allowed to use public uses or go to restaurants, if they were allowed it would have been segregated (separated). So as you can ( Full Answer )

When did the Indians migrate to Britain?

Indians didnt exaclty migrate. but to keep the answer short and sweet, the Indian people began to inter-mingle with the british people when the british empire colonized India to exploit them for natural resources and trade routes

Are the seneca Indians alive today?

Many Indians are still alive today, there are Indians of all kind, but I can not be sure of the seneca Indians.

The West Indies were Indians who lived in the West.?

No. The West Indies were island inhabited by native americans, in the Caribbean sea. Christopher Columbus mistook america for the west side of india, and the Native Americans for indians.

West Indian manitties population?

West Indian Manitties live in the north and south America area reaching up 13feet 4meters long and weighing as many as 1,300 pounds 600 kilograms

Do the mohawk Indians exist today?

Yes they do. Most mohawks today live in Quebec, Ontario or New York State. In total there are about 30,000 in Canada and 20,000 in the United States.

What borders Britain to the west?

No land mass borders Britain on the west. The Atlantic Ocean is immediately to the west of Britain. The closest land to the west of Great Britain is the top northeastern tip of the United States: the state of Maine, in particular.

How many Indians are left today?

today there are not many Indians that still live the true Indian life but if u was to search the world you would find alot of Indians.

Are creek Indian existing today?

mabey we don't acually know which tribe of Indians are left in the world since there is less than 1% from 100% in the 1400's

Where do the Osage Indians live today?

Osage Indians were the original inhabitants of the states ofOklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. They now live inOklahoma.

Where are the Cherokee Indians located today?

Cherokee Indians have taken place mostly in North and South Carolina .Also found in Oklahoma where they traveled to on the Trail of Tears in 1800's:)

Who are the Indians of the west?

The Indians of the West (West Indians) are simply Native Americans, or called Amerindians (American Indians). Colombus arrived in the Caribbean and thought he was in India. He called this place the West Indies and the people West Indians. Hope this helped!~

How many mps in Britain today?

There are 519 male MPs There are 126 female MPs. That means that there are 645 MPs in British Parliment

Where does the apache Indians exist today?

There are and were 6 major groups of Apache people and languagesand they lived in many more groups than that. Today there are about60,000 Apache and there are Apache lands in Arizona, New Mexico andOklahoma and Texas. There are nine federally recognized Apachereservations: Apache Tribe of Oklahoma F ( Full Answer )

What do Navajo indians live in today?

The Navajo people are a very large and diverse tribe. There are 300,000 enrolled members. Most who live on the Navajo Nation today live in regular "american " style homes. Some are HUD built some self built. Some live in apartments if they have a job that provides one. Some live in trailers and doub ( Full Answer )

Where is Shane West today?

Shane West is currently on a European Tour with the iconic 70's punk band The Germs . He filled the spot of their original lead singer (Darby Crash) who had committed suicide on December 7, 1980. Shane West played the role of Darby in the 2007 biopic What We Do Is Secret . When asked in a 2008 inte ( Full Answer )

Was Justin Bieber in Britain today?

No, he was not in Britain today (April 6th, 2013). On any other the day the answer might be yes, but it will mostly be no since he's not a British citizen.

Are there still shoshone Indians today?

The shoshone nation was a very large and diverse group of people. The southern tribes were chased off of their ancestral lands and moved further south and became comanche. The northern tribes left their ancestral lands and became blackfoot. The eastern tribes became souix and the western tribes are ( Full Answer )

Do the Tainos Indians exist today?

The word "Taino" means "good" or "noble" and it's rightfully so because no Spaniard ever saw these Indians fighting among themselves. They were a peaceful and generous people. At the end of the fifteenth century, they were divided into five tribes and on the verge of modern civilization and a centra ( Full Answer )

What is the crowatan Indians called today?

The Croatan (part of the Roanoke group) became extinct by the early 1600s as a result of disease and warfare. Claims that Lumbee "tribe" is descended from the Croatan are entirely false and should be regarded as garbage.

Where do the chippewa Indians live today?

The Chippewa was one of the largest tribes north of Mexico, living primarily in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and Ontario, Canada. About the Chippewa Indians | eHow.com

Is Asia west or east of Britain?

Because the World is round, you will get to Asia by either direction. However, going east would be much faster from any point in Britain.

What is the ruling party in Britain today?

As of this moment (1/11/2011), the rulling party in the UK is a Coalition government between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

How do paiute Indians live today?

They live on reservations. Reservations are places where the Indians now live, because the government kicked them off.

How do indian live in todays life?

what if 'Bapu' was alive today?How would the life &socity be, if Bapu was alive today? (write in maximum 100 words).[in english give answer. THANK YOU

Where do the cree Indians live today?

i dont know thats why i was here and i also want to say i love umom dad uncle beto tia mari tio paco tio juan thank u for everythigand also my sister

Are their Indians still living today?

Yes Indians are still alive, in my AP US history book I read that in the year 2000, the U.S. census recorded close to 1.5 million Native Americans.

Is Britain in the west of the world?

Since the world is a sphere (shaped like a ball), it has no sides, and no west or east. By convention, however, a line has been defined that's called the Prime Meridian. It joins the north and south pole and passes through a carefully defined point between them. Half of the Earth to the east ( Full Answer )

How British is the Indian culture today?

Less and less British. The Indians try to forget as much as possible their colonization by the British. One of the first steps was to change the names of cities to the old names. Example: Bombay is again Mumba. Madras is again Chennai. But it will be difficult, if not impossible to do so.