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Do you mean in the vagina?

That would be a discharge =/


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Galaxy is a smooth chocolate and a milky way has white stuff in the middle.

usually, when my guinea pigs get pregnant, there pee turns milky white, but that is just with my guinea pigs, i don't know if other people have had different experience

For male: It is semen otherwise called sperm For females: It is disscharge

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that substance is 'cum', like when males ejaculates, white substance comes out. this happens with females. when you are aroused it can happens or if you have an orgasm! Enjoy!

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What do it mean when you have white stuff in your pee

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stuff <--------- that was a dumb answer :P ----------> it can produce cheese :)

When a man or woman orgasms, they generally produce ejaculate, the clearish white stuff that comes out.

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That's quite normal. It means your son has reached puberty. That white stuff is semen, which contains sperm. You shouldn't worry about it at all, even if it comes out quite often. Just tell him to let it out in private.

That white stuff is urates. Its the bearded dragons pee.

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