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5: Poco Construction (usually known as Small Building to USA and England, or Jesus Hercules Romani to the Italians): 3.4m or 11.64 feet

4: Dakar Monument: 2.01m or 6.7 feet

3: IHQIPC (Icelandic Head Quarters for International Physics and Chemistry): 1.68m or 5.6 feet

2: JCRP (Japanese Communist Resembelence Party): 1.66m or 5.57 feet

1: NOMHC (New Orleans Memorial to Hurricane Catrina): 1.58m or 5.13 feet

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Who is the worlds smallest man and woman?

I Do not know worlds smallest woman, however, in the guiness book of records it says that Pingping from China is the worlds smallest Man, He stands at 2feet and 5 inches high.

The worlds smallest pony is?

the worlds smallest horse is Einstein :)

How small is the worlds smallest pencil?

The worlds smallest pencil is an inch.

What is the worlds smallest baby in 2003?

the smallest baby in 2003 is Haley Chilton 1 pound and 5 inches

What is considered to be the worlds smallest bird?

The worlds most smallest bird is a pelican!

Worlds smallest cat?

The worlds smallest cat is the Black Footed Cat.

What the worlds smallest building?

I don't think anyone knows what the worlds smallest building!

What is the worlds smallest invertebrate?

the worlds smallest invertebrate is the ant within 6 millimeter...

What is the worlds smallest passenger plane?

The worlds smallest passenger plane is probably a piper jet

What is the worlds smallest flowering plant that can produce the worlds smallest fruit?

Wolffia globosa is the world's smallest flowering plant that produces the world's smallest fruit.

What is the smallest jet?

I'm not really sure but i think its the bd-5 micro that is the smallest jet in the world its the Guinness's world record (for obviously the worlds smallest jet)

Which continent is the world smallest?

which content is the worlds smallest

Where are the worlds smallest mammals?

The worlds smallest mammals as a group are shrews and are found in almost every country.

The worlds smallest insect?

The world's smallest insect is the mymaridae, or what is known as the fairy fly. In length, fairy flies are about 1/5 of a millimeter.

Worlds smallest shetland pony?

no it's one of the smallest breeds but not the smallest

Worlds smallest dog?

I think Chihuahua's are the smallest breed.

Worlds Smallest Tree?

the smallest tree in the world is small

What is the smallest herbivore on earth?

The worlds smallest herbivore is a caterpillar.

What is the worlds smallest continent?

Australia is the smallest of the geographic continents.

What is the worlds smallest country by area?

Maldives is the smallest country

What you is the name of the worlds smallest monkey?

The Pygmy Marmoset is the smallest known monkey. A full grown adult measures about 5 1/2 inches and weighs 5 ounces at most.

How tall is the worlds smallest mom?

The worlds smallest mom is 2ft 7in! Wow! It was a high risk pregnancy when she was pregnant.

How many fish can fit in your tank?

in the worlds smallest tank you can fit 5 fish in it, so atleast that

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