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The Z factor means that the doberman carries the gene mutation that forms albinism. It is notated by the letter Z in their registration number. Z factor dobies should not be bred together because there is a chance of producing albino pups. There are many agonizing problems that come along with albinism including skin cancer and premature blindness which will cause the dog to become aggressive towards all people and animals around it. Any reputable breeder would never breed to form an albino and would certainly not charge more for an albino than a healthy pup that is of a recognized color

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Q: What is the Z factor in Dobermans?
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Does akc register white Dobermans?

Yes. Any doberman with the albino gene in it's pedigree is registered as a "Z" factor. Albinos can be registered, but are disqualified from participating in shows because the gene is considered defective. Most breeders discourage breeding dogs with Z factor bloodlines but there are a few who intentionally breed them. They usually have health and temperment issues.

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How tall are Dobermans?

Dobermans are a large dog and is 24-28 inches to the AKC. But dobermans can get bigger.

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Dobermans can live for 10 - 12 years.

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What is the name of a movie about Dobermans?

One movie about Dobermans is called The Amazing Dobermans. It is about an ex-con man that owns 5 Dobermans that help a Treasury Dept. agent detain a racketeer and his gang. It is a comedy/crime movie.

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Do Dobermans like kids?

yes dobermans are very good with kids , but i cant say that because dobermans can be mean , but you just have to train them to and by the way this isn't the best answer.

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You mean Doberman Pinschers? Roderick Doberman, a Dog Breeder.

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Can you have two male Dobermans?

Yes. The most successful pair are two Dobermans from this same litter.

What is the scientific name for Dobermans?

The scientific name for Dobermans, and all domesticated dogs, is Canis lupis familiaris.

Malta Is In Europe Right And Dobermans Can't Have Cropped Ears In Europe So Is It Legal To Crop A Dobermans Ears In Malta?

Yes. Malta is in Europe so it is not legal to Crop Dobermans Ears In Malta.

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It's not natural, and it's not just America. Dobermans usually have their ears cropped.

What is a Dobermans habitat?

Dobermans are dogs, so they live in the same habitat as humans do -- which is everywhere on Earth.

Who named dobermans dobermans?

The Doberman is named, after the person named Karl Louis Doberman who is credited with developing the breed.

Is the daschund related to Dobermans?


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