What is the abbreviation for ecstasy?

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Scientifically ecstasy is known as 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Since that is a mouthful and is hard to say it is abbreviated to MDMA. You can abbreviate ecstasy with "X" or "XTC" but those are not official abbreviations like MDMA is. Ecstasy can also be known as Adam and if it is pure will sometimes be called Molly(Ecstasy off the street is almost never pure).
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What is an abbreviation?

Abbreviation An abbreviation is a way to shorten a word to save space. For example Ave. stands for Avenue and Apt. stands for apartment. An abbreviation (from Latin brevis "short") is a shorter form of a word . More particularly, an abbreviation is a letter or group of letters, taken from ( Full Answer )

What is abbreviation?

It is the shortened or contracted form of a word, a reduction inlength and/or the act or result of abbreviating

What is the abbreviation for that is?

If you mean the conjunction , it's "that's." "That is" can also be abbreviated as "i.e." which is "id est" in Latin.

What is ecstasy made out of?

The full name of "ecstasy" is "Methylenedioxymethamphetamine" or MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine ), most commonly known today by the street name ecstasy , (often abbreviated to E,X, or XTC ). MDMA has received a bad reputation for being cut with chemicals that are devastating to the hum ( Full Answer )

What does ecstasy do to your brain?

It really depends what is in the ecstasy. Some ecstasy pills have nasty stuff in them as binders and fillers. Pure mdma - commonly called moly, or molecule has less toxic effect. The first time people do ecstasy it is the best because you become immune to it more every time you use it. Crap str ( Full Answer )

Where does ecstasy come from?

The mental or physical state of ecstasy occurs when you experience an extremely pleasurable act, such as eating chocolate ice cream.. Ecstasy the chemical drug was invented in 1914 by Merck Pharmaceutical Company to reduce appetite.

What is the effects of ecstasy?

You got horny very easily, everything makes you feel like youre about to orgasm. It makes you emotionally and physically sensitive, youll be very open to sharing secrets and having high trust in alot of people. Some say you'll hate sex after having it while on ecstasy, others say its the greatest fe ( Full Answer )

How do they market ecstasy?

I find the question rather funny. No one markets cocaine, crack, marijuana or any other illegal drug because they don't have to. Its addictive. Clientele seek out the dealer. And, in these days and times, the dealer could be the kid next door, the priest at your church, the schoolteacher, the doctor ( Full Answer )

What is the classification of ecstasy?

Ecstasy classification is Entactogens which is used to describe a class of psychoactive drugs that produce distinctive emotional and social effects

Is ecstasy legal?

Illegal! In the UK it is very illegal with 7 years in prison for personal use and life imprisonment for dealing.

What is the purpose of ecstasy?

Ecstasy is the street name for the chemical MDMA- although when it is sold it can be 'cut' or mixed with various other drug bases, such as Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, and commonly Amphetamines. When taken (usually in a pressed pill form) it produces a euphoric effect, or a feeling of calmness and happine ( Full Answer )

What is the abbreviation FOR?

There is no abbrevation for for. There is a FOR loop which is a programming language statement that allows code to be repeated. *.for is a filename extension for FORTRAN, a computer programming language.

Is ecstasy a narcotic?

Yes, ecstasy is a narcotic. A narcotic is any drug that causescentral nervous system effects and has high abuse potentials. Theterm narcotic refers to drugs of illegal nature and that are oftenused in recreational use. From a legal perspective, a narcoticrefers to opium, opium derivatives, and their ( Full Answer )

Where can you get help for ecstasy?

You local doctor or hospital can refer you to a rehab because the addiction can be strong for ectasy and other drug addictions support is needed so refer to a doctor or hopsital rehab is the best solution .

Can you drive on ecstasy?

You should never drive while rolling. You will be too impaired to see clearly and focus on the road.

What is ecstasy known for?

Ecstasy is known because of raves (Type of party). People use it at Raves so they can have more energy, and can dance more. They find that if they take estasy at Raves, it'll pump the party! But I suggest you never go to Raves... people can spike your drink with ecstasy!

Is ecstasy dangerous?

Yes. Ecstasy increases your heart rate, dehydrates you and can kill you. There is no "safe" way to take ecstacy..

What is ecstasy?

Greek word: ekstasis , "standing out." Please note that it can mean 1. you were emotionally "outside yourself" as a kind of spiritual"clone" or 2. you emotionally expanded to feel yourself flowing out, as itwere, with a kind of personal magnetism making you feel connectedin feeling with others or ( Full Answer )

What is the ecstasy?

Originally ecstasy's main drug was MDMA(see MOLLY ) Terrible substance alone but now a days pure molly is hard to come by so drug dealers mix other drugs like meth or heroin along with MDMA. You'll never know the source and these "cooks" don't care what happens to you just as long as you buy! Stay a ( Full Answer )

What is am an abbreviation of?

"Am" is not an abbreviation. It is a conjugation of the verb "tobe". AM (as in radio) is an abbreviation for "amplitude modulation." a.m. (as in time of day) is an abbreviation for ante meridiem , literally "before noon."

What are abbreviations?

Abbreviations are short forms of a full word. Some examples are: Post Office P.O. doctor dr. bachelor of science B.S. avenue ave. mister Mr.

Where is ecstasy from?

ecstasy tablets are flown into the united states on international flights, vacuum sealed and sent via the mail service, and the chemical that ecstasy pills are supposed to contain is MDMA. MDMA is made in every part of the world. Far more often however drug dealers will just press a bunch of inert p ( Full Answer )

Abbreviation for you will?

\n"You will" can be contracted to "you'll," but it is a contraction as opposed to an abbreviation.

What does ecstasy have in it?

Its usually around `15% mdma which are crystal forms and rest chinaroll there could be higher amount of mdma but there is also chanceswhere people could put other drugs in it such as meth/speed and lsd(acid) or other things such as rat poison ETC* so be careful whereyou get them.

What can you do and not do on ecstasy?

Try to avoid doing things that would make you overheat...make sure any dancing, running around, etc doesn't get out of hand. Also drink some water - just not too much (water intoxication will make you puke). ------------------------------------------- -------------- GO TO A CLUB OR RAVE PARTY ( Full Answer )

How do you abbreviate who has?

whose that answer is incorrect. The abbr. or contraction for who has is who's, and it is also the abb. for who is ( who's) Who has (who's) Who is (who's) whose is possesive, or shows ownership, e.g., whose jacket was stolen? Whose car is this?

What is IT an abbreviation for?

IT is an abbreviation for the words Information Technology. It can also be semi shortened to info tech , information tech or info technology. Information technology is usually something to do with computers. hope this helps... =D

What is the abbreviation of 'you are'?

The contraction of "you are" is you're . An abbreviation is a shortened form often followed by a period. A contraction follows a spoken form of a word pair by omitting one or more letters (e.g. you've, he's, won't ).

Why is ecstasy a stimulant?

Because it is commonly combined with stimulants such as caffeine and meth. Not all however are stimulants. People refer to some ecstasy as being "smacky" as in heroine or codeine was used (depressants) instead of the more common stimulants.

What is the abbreviation of am?

Anti Meridian - for times after midnight and before noon. . Amplitude Modulation - signal processing and radio transmission (AM radio).

Can you be tested for ecstasy?

yep 3,4-Methylenedioxymeth amphetamine is an amphetamine and will show up as amphetamines. im thizzed out right now man. good thing about it is its only in your system for 2-5 days

How do you boof ecstasy?

Boofin or "knuckle deeping" E pills is the only thing i do. known as the "heinous anus" is easily the most effective way to deliver the MDMA molecule straight to your brain. known for ravers and hipsters alike, this method is most frequently used due to its ease of use.

What are the disadvantages of ecstasy?

Advantages are that it is not physically addictive and is very very hard to overdose on. Disadvantage are it messes with your serotonin levels in the brain, and this can effect your mood and cognitive function pretty significantly. Low serotonin levels = depression, anxiety and bad mood. My recomme ( Full Answer )

What is abbreviation for it has?

It's , and this is not an abbreviation , it is a contraction . This is also the contraction for it is .

What is the abbreviation for there are?

There are does not have an accepted contracted form. Many people use there're to shorten this phrase, but this contraction is incorrect (not to mention very difficult to pronounce).

What is the dose for Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is generally taken in doses of 125 milligrams, although effects are observable by ingestion of as little as 60 milligrams

What is ecstasy use for?

If you are talking about the drug, it is an illegal amphetamine-based synthetic drug with euphoric and hallucinatory effects, originally promoted as an adjunct to psychotherapy. But i can make you die. And when it wears off, you will feel like crap

How do you abbreviate what has?

"what's" the context determines how the apostrophe is interpreted. Examples: What's the going price for apples? (What is) What's Bob been doing lately. (What has)

How deadly is ecstasy?

Pretty deadly. You never know what is in the mix so this could result in you taking some pretty harsh stuff, thus damaging you body. Stick to MDMA

What is a abbreviations?

An abbreviation is a shortened version of a word. Example: MBA = Masters in Business Administration. MBA is an abbreviation. Isn't and aren't are contractions but could technically be called abbreviations because the apostrophes replace one or two letters. " Assoc. " is an abbreviation fo ( Full Answer )

Is ecstasy in Adderall?

You've got to be kidding me Adderall, as you'd know with a simple google, is a mixture of 4 amphetamine salts. X is obviously more than that, one of the ingredients is MDMA. Sometimes even Meth.

Does ecstasy have opiates in them?

Since ecstasy is illegal it may have everything in it, buttheoretically ecstasy is a term, wich refers to either MDMA or MDMA+ other stimulant drug (example amphetamine) none of which areopiates.

What is an abbreviator?

In its simplest form, an abbreviator can simply refer to a person who abbreviates. It also refers to one of a college of 72 officers of the pope's court whose job it is to give a synopsis of a petition, before expanding it into an official form.

How do you abbreviate what will?

What Will abbreviated is "What'll" ! Example Sentence is in order:"What'll Dinie Slothouber do without her love, Mitch Longley"?