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What is the abbreviation of Mesdames?

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Abbreviation of Mesdames?

The abbreviation for the mesdames is written as "Mmes". Mesdames is the plural form of the French word Madame, which means Mrs.

What is the plural of Mrs Garcia?

The plural is "Mesdames Garcia". As far as I know, there is no established abbreviation for Mesdames.

How do you spell 'Mrs' plural in French?

mesdames (abbreviation: mmes)

What is the abbreviation for madame in french?

The abbreviation for Madame is Mme. The plural (mesdames) is abbreviated Mmes.M. is used for Monsieur in French.Mlle. is for Mademoiselle.

What is the the french word for mrs?

Mrs is "madame" in French. The abbreviation is 'mme'. The (irregular) plural is "mesdames", abbreviated 'mmes'

What is the abbreviation used for the word madame?

The abbreviation used for the French word madam is; Mme and Madam. For plural is it Mmes and Mesdames. Mlle is for Mademoiselle, meaning Miss in English.

What is 'mesdames' when translated from French to English?

Mesdames in French means "my ladies" in English.

How do you address a card to a married lesbian couple?

The plural of Mrs. is "Mesdames". Some examples are:Mesdames Smith and JonesMesdames GreenMesdames Garcia-Gonzalez

Is the plural form of madam is mesdames?

It can be madames, madams OR mesdames, actually.

Can you spell out Mrs in words?

Yes. Unlike "ms," "Mrs." is a real abbreviation. It is short for "mistress," and since mistress has an unpleasant connotation we slur it in speech to sound like "missiz." The plural is mesdames, or Mmes. Since 'Ms' exists, it is real, and since it is an abbreviation, it is a real abbreviation!

Could you use mesdames in a sentence?

Mesdames Anna and Ingiga are having tea at this moment

How do you say good morning ladies in French?

Bonjour mesdames (mesdames is the irregular plural of madame)

Plural of Madam?


Plural of madame?


How do you say ladies and gentle men in french?

"Mesdames et messieurs." For a TV speaker, it could be: "Mesdames, mesdemoiselles, messieurs."

What is the female counterpart of messieurs?


What is plural form of madame?


What is the plural form for madame?


Can you start a letter with dear sirs and mesdames?


Can you spell Madames in French?

That would be "Mesdames".

What is the plural of Madame?

The plural of "madame" is "mesdames".

Ladies and gentlemen in french?

"Mesdames et messieurs"

Is it sirs and mesdames?

What i know in French is Monsieur et Dames

What is the plurel form of madam?

the Plural form of Madam is "Mesdames"

How do you translate ladies and gentlemen into french?

Mesdames et Messieurs