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size of island ,continents, and body of water.


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If a paper is wrapped around a lighted globe the outlines of the continents will be projected onto the paper and traced .

the earths continents are the same ..

Plate tectonics, or the moving of continents of the earths lithosphere.

Continents drift on top of the upper mantle. The core is much further down.

plate tectonicts moved the continents awat from each other.

the earths plates shifted....

no before humans appeared the continents were all smooshed together

Earths crust extend deeper below the continents than below the oceans basins (or at least this is what I think).

What happened to the earth's continents during permian period is pangea

The continents have moved, Volcanoes and mountains have made hige changes in the earths suface too.

there are seven continents: Europe Asia Austrailia Africa Antartica North America South America

99% of the worlds LANDsurface is covered by the continents

the Continental Drift Theory is the slow movement of the Earths continents. A.K.A the continents drift

they are loctated o the tectonic plates

The Earths continents are subject to continental drift. Movements of the tectonic plates that make up the Earths crust causes volcanos mountains and earthquakes along the faults where the plates meet.

Earths magma moved under the crust and the continents split

Much different than they are today.

Earth's major land forms are known as continents.

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