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I just read that Kool Aid has a pH of 3.0-3.53, so perhaps Crystal Light is near that. This is less acidic than cola but probably not as good for you as Green Tea.

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Crystal Light has recently begun producing Crystal Light Energy, which contains 60mg of caffeine per serving, or 120mg caffeine per packet

it depends how much you drink, basically you will get as much water as you put in so yeah.

the mio drink mixes contain caffeine

all the 7 colors of the rainbow i.e VIBGYOR mixes together togive white light.

Depends on the bourbon... usually it's best that you don't mix with anything, but if you do... If you drink Jim Beam that mixes well with Coke... Maker's Mark mixes well with ginger ale...

they drink a lot of teas, coffee, yogurt mixes, and fruit juices/ smoothies

Yes, you are allowed to do so (but I think for security reasons you will get some questions about the food/drink you bring in with you).

The drink you are thinking of is a Cosmopolitan. Choosing the Vodka is very important. Check out for some suggestions.

The most popular cocktail mixes are martinis, highballs, lowballs, shooters and tropical drinks. Also, there are many variations of the same drink, but with a kick to it.

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Check with your urologist. The stinging can result from drinks that are high in citric acid, which is included in the list of ingredients of a surprising number of drinks, not just citrus juices (orange juice, grapefruit juice, etc.). Many drink mixes, like Crystal Light drink mixes, are high in citric acid, regardless of what flavor you choose. Try avoiding any drinks with citric acid for a while to see if the stinging stops. If it does, then you found the cause of the problem. For men, the stinging can also be a symptom of the prostate (i.e., prostate infection) which causes the stinging feeling usually at the opening of the urethra. This can be easily remedied with a prescription medication. See a urologist.

The alcohol by volume in pre-made Jose Cuervo margarita drinks varies. The Authentic and Light margarita mixes each have 9.95 percent and the Golden mix has 12.7 percent.

Only drink things that don't have a lot of calories. Diet soda and sugar-free drink mixes are examples, they only have about 10 calories per liter. Try to drink under 100 calories per day.

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Dance Mixes was created in 1987.

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it fizzes when your c02 (carbion dioxide) mixes with the other ingredients and forms a chemical reaction........ wich gives it a taste after its done fizzing! it also depends on how much pH (acid) level you put in that mixes with the ingredients!

It depends which alcohol. If you are talking about the stuff you drink in beer etc., it is a liquid already, but it mixes freely with water (as in beer!) and quite a few organic solvents.

When Hydrogen mixes with Oxygen it forms water!!


Prepared mixes are available for a wide variety of products including breads

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