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3 x 10e-16

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Q: What is the acidity constant of methanol?
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What are compounds that help keep a solutions acidity or alkalinity constant?

Compounds that help keep a solution's acidity or alkalinity (pH) constant are known are buffers.

What compounds help keep a solution's acidity or alkalinity constant?


What is freezing point constant of methanol?

The freezing point of methanol depends on its concentration in water.For example for 10% methanol by mass in water, the freezing point is -7 degree centigrade. For 100% methanol by mass, the freezing point is -98 degree centigrade.Refer to link below for more details.

What information does an acid or base equilibrium constant give?

The information an acid or base equilibrium constant gives is that the acidity and base levels are equal to the equilibrium constant multi[plied by the water concentration.

How does a buffer maintain a constant pH?

By acting as proton donors an acceptors they neutralize the acidity and the alkalinity of the medium

Which acid is stronger Hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid?

Sulphuric is stronger because it has a higher acidity constant.

What compounds are found in methanol?

Methanol. That is, methanol is a compound, not a mixture of compounds.

Is HSe- an acid or base?

Hydrogen selenide (H2Se) has an acidity constant of 3.89 and is also known as hydroselenic acid.

What is the symbol for methanol?

The formula for methanol is CH3OH. Methanol is many times abbreviated as MeOH. Methanol is commonly known as wood alcohol and does not have a symbol.

What color is methanol?

methanol is a colourless liquid

How many ions are in methanol?

Methanol is not dissociated.

Can Methanol be mixed with Antifreeze?

...antifreeze is methanol, so yes. most antirfreeze is methanol with water or soem other thing,s but its mostyle methanol.

What is the difference between methanol and methane?

methane is not alcohol but methanol is alcohol the ol bit of methanol is alcohol

How do you draw phenyl-methanol?

Phenyl methanol is actually Benzyl alcohol, C6H5-CH2-OH

How do you prepare dried methanol from methanol?

methanol can't be dried completely, it always contains some water.

Is methanol an aromatic hydrocarbon?

No. Methanol is neither aromatic nor a hydrocarbon. It is an alcohol.

What variable represents the acid-ionization constant?

An acid dissociation constant, Ka, (also known as acidity constant, or acid-ionization constant) is a quantitative measure of the strength of an acid in solution. It is the equilibrium constant for a chemical reaction known as dissociation in the context of acid-base reactions. The equilibrium can be written symbolically as: HA A− + H+,

Density of methanol?

The density of methanol is .7918g/cm3

Is biphenyl soluble in methanol?

biphenyl is not soluble in methanol

Methanol polar or nonpolar?

methanol is polar molecule.

Is methanol a solid?

No, at room temperature methanol is a liquid.

From ethanol and methanol which is more soluble in water?


How does methanol react with water?

Methanol does not react with water.

Is methanol flammable?

Yes, methanol is very flammable.

Is methanol a polar or a nonpolar compound?

Methanol is polar.