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Answer: 28,520 ft² = 0.654729 acres.

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How man acres is a lot 2640 feet y 528 feet?

A lot 2,640 feet by 528 feet is 32 acres.

What is the lot size in feet if it is 1.3 acres?

Answer: 1.3 acres = 56,628 square feet.

What is the lot size in feet for 0.36 acres?

Answer: 0.36 acres = 15,681.6 square feet.

What is the lot size in feet if it is 1.336 acres?

58,196.16 square feet in 1.336 acres.

190 feet by 400 feet how many acres is it?

how many acres is a lot 190' by 400'

144 feet wide by 244 feet long how many acres?

Acres = Square Feet / 43560 Your lot is 0.806 acres

What is the width and length of 9.5 acres?

643.28 feet x 643.28 feet for a square-shaped lot of 9.5 acres.

How many acres is 300ft by 300ft lot?

One acre has 43,560 square feet. Divide the number of square feet by that and you get the number of acres. This gives you an answer of 2.066 acres.

What is 8.84 acres in lot square size?

8.84 acres contains 385,070.4 square feet.

how many acres is a 6650 square foot lot?

6,650 square feet is 0.15 acres.

What does a lot 110 x 150 translate in acres?

16,500 square feet is ~0.38 acres.

What Does a lot 130 x 440 translate to in acres?

57,200 square feet is 1.31 acres.

What does a lot 112 x 378 translate to in acres?

42,336 square feet is 0.97 acres.

How many acres is a lot size of 140000?

140,000 square feet is about 3.2 (3.21395776) acres.

A city lot is 5000 square feet i have 26 lots how many acres in 26 lots?

130,000 square feet or just under three acres. (2.98438935 acres)

What is the perimeter of 150 acres?

A 150-acre square lot has a perimeter of 10,224.68 feet.

What size lot is 100 by 200 feet?

20,000 square feet is 0.46 acres.

What does a lot 200'x250' translate to in acres?

50,000 square feet is 1.15 acres.

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