What is the action replay code for the Cresselia event?

1203 7425 2360 happy cheating

U know you could just go to calanave without doing the code... just go to that sailor's house and talk to sailor next to it he take u in house and boy in bed he just keeps on talking and thewn go outside and he take u to fullmoon island cresselia there and of course it runs off like mesprit uxie and azelf. therell be item there pick it up and talk to sai.or to go back to calanave and press A on boy and he wake up. when u get action replay code, it also lets u do darkrai event.


the answer above is a perfect example of lying. every cheater knows not to be fooled by this code!!!! ar codes are done 12345678 12345678 not 1234 1234 1234! as for the code, there is one that is available for the Japanese version but.........