Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What is the action replay codes for the legendary birds and legendary dogs in Pokemon diamond?



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By the way, they are the legendary cats, not dogs. The Pokemon Company revealed that Raikou is a tiger, Entei is a lion, and Suicune is a cheetah.

it's really long but here it is, Wild Pokemon Modifier:

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d0000000 00000000

da000000 00000892

dc000000 00024620

c0000000 0000000b

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press L+R while playing and open your bag, you should have 493 master balls; throw out enough master balls to get to the number of the Pokemon you want, for example: mew is #151 and 493-342=151 so you would throw out 342 master balls; now walk into tall grass and hold down L while walking in the tall grass and you should get the Pokemon you want p.s. press L+R again to get back up to 493 master balls

i swear to god this works, so, happy cheating :)