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What is the actual time played in a golf game?

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Usually 4 hours and 15 minutes

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Which game played first time on the moon?


Where can I get discount golf clubs?

A golf club is used to hit a golf ball in a game of golf. golfsmith is the world's largest golf superstore for golf clubs, golf equipment's, golf offers available in limited quantities, for a limited time at extreme discount.

Who can play golf?

Anyone, if they want to. Like any other sport, golf is an investment in money and time. if one has both, golf is a really enjoyable game.

How many actual minutes are played in an soccer game?

90 mins plus stoppage time (time added on for injuries/when the ball was out of play) the length of stoppage time is up to the referee.

Can you carry more than one putter in your golf bag?

I think so. I havent played golf for a long time.

When was golf firsted played?

There is some debate as to when and where the game of golf originated from. Throughout history there have been a bunch of games involving a ball and stick. The Romans played a game with a feather stuffed ball. The Japanese and Chinese played a game with a wooden ball. The most legitimate counter claim comes from Holland where the Dutch played a game called Kolf, Kolfspel or Kloven. Regardless of these claims the game we know and love as golf came from and was perfected in Scotland. In the 15th century, people were playing the game on the linksland that surrounded the town of St. Andrews. The original course was that tract of "worthless" linksland that was declared common land. This made it accessible to everyone. Players at the time let the lay of the land, with it's rolling dunes, knolls and hollows, set the course and the original golf course was actually 22 holes long.

What is the best brand of golf clubs?

Callaway and Titelist are long running golf brands with the best quality in the game. These brands have been aroud for a very long time. they know golf.

How many actual minutes are played in a hockey game?

Once the puck stops the clock stops. When the puck is dropped the clock starts. A Total of one full hour (60 Minutes) of actual playing time.

What is the actual time a football is in play in a football game?

28 minutes

What is the actual playing time in a volleyball game?

25 - 30 mins.

What time is actual kickoff for BCS game?

8:10 ET

How long does each actual golf swing take and how much total time in a round?

The swing i don't know but the round time depends on how many people are playing.

How do individual golf tee times assist in playing the game?

Individual golf tee times assists in the timing of the game. If players start at different times, there are not a large amount of time waiting between holes.

What does golf mean?

golf means Answer The game golf was invented in 1456 in Scotland. Its a Gaelic word "goulf" and also names of a clan in Scotland "Gough" Must be an American answer! Scotland is a country, England is a country. Your answer is akin (like) saying something was invented in France United States. P.S. Many women played in the early days of the sport. See: Mary Queen of Scots No-one knows for certain how the game was named. The games origins are lost in the mists of time. One theory is that it is a contraction from a game played in Holland called Het Kolven which translates to Hit Ball. The theory is that Kolven devolved to Golf.

Which game played on moon first time?

That would be Golf. Apollo 14 (1971) when Alan Shepard swung a makeshift iron that cause the ball to fly for several miles, disappearing into the distance.

What sports were played in 1692?

The only sports around this time were simple sports, such as golf. Croquet was also a popular time passer in that time.

How long is an NFL game?

The actual time of play is 60 min. The time from the start of the game until the end can vary depending on what sort of incidents occur duing the game, like penalties, time outs etc.

What time did the games of the 1962 World Series start?

Game Times 1962 World SeriesThe New York Yankees beat the San Francisco Giants in the 1962 World Series 4 games - 3. Game, day, and Game times are listed below along with (Stadium played)Game 1 played on Thursday, October 4, 1962 Game time 2:43 (Candlestick Park)Game 2 played on Friday, October 5, Game time 2:11 (Candlestick Park)Game 3 played on Sunday, October 7, Game time at 2:06 (Yankee Stadium)Game 4 played on Monday, October 8, Game time 2:55 (Yankee Stadium)Game 5 played on Wednesday, October 10, Game time 2:42 (Yankee Stadium)Game 6 played on Monday, October 15, 1962 Game time 2:00 (Candlestick Park)Game 7 played on Tuesday, October 16, 1962 Game time 2:29 (Candlestick Park)

How long does it take to play a college basketball game?

The game itself it divided into two 20 minute halves. That is a total of 40 minutes of actual game play. But timeouts, time spent shooting free throws with the clock stopped, and a time allowed between halves makes the game last much longer. There is no set time for the total game to be played. Games can easily last up to 2 hours.

How do you make time speed up in Nintendogs?

Change the time on the Actual DS... Like before you go to the game and switch the time foward@!

How much actual game time is in an ice hockey game?

60 mins, three 20 min periods. This isn't football;)

Who will be playing in the 2008 Master's Golf Tournament?

By the time this question was answered The 2008 Masters had already been played.

What is the duration time of golf breaks?

Usually 10 to 15 minutes is good for a golf break. Make sure to drink plenty of water so you don't get dehydrated while playing your game!

Who said Golf is a game of integrity?

It has been used by many people over time, but Arnold Palmer is often credited with it.

What time was the Patriots game against the Ravens played?

The game started at 3:00 PM Eastern time.