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Q: What is the address for kohl's store 885?
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Where can I find the local Kohls store?

The Kohls primary website is great place to start for information about where Kohls store are located. You can also look up locations for Kohls at the Yellow Pages website.

What is Kohls?

Kohls is a department store in the U.S. It is very similar to Mervyns.

How old do you have to be to work at a Kohls store?

i am 15 working at kohls detroit, michigan.

What are the normal Kohls store hours?

The normal hours for a Kohls store is 8am to 8pm. They are good long hours and help the buyer find what they want. Kohls do also open at weekends with the same hours.

What store sells chaps?


Do Kohls sell studio works clothing?

Can I buy Studio Works clothing at Kohls Dept store

Does Kohls have a store in the UAE?

Kohls has stores in 49 of the 50 Unites States. They do not have any stores in any of the terretories.

Where can you find kohls stores?

In malls and shopping areas. You can find a local store by checking at the kohls web site.

When did the first kohls store open?


What is the most famous store in Wisconsin?


Is kohls department store opening in metairie la?


What does AOA means when associate in Kohls store says on PA system?

It means that a customer has opened a kohls charge account at their register.

Can one use a coupon code in store at Kohls?

I believe you can print an online coupon on your computer and I think you can use it in store as well, but I feel you should call your local Kohls store to see if the item your interested in online offers that feature.

Where is kohls?

its a store that sells goods for homes and also clothing

Store that begins with the letter K?

K-mart Kohls

What store sells knitting patterns?

well walmart does kohls

What time does kohls store open on Sundays?

8:00 am

What is the address of Kohls Distribution Center in Ottawa IL?

Kohls Distribution Center4300 MBL DriveOttawa, IL 61350

How much of a discount can I get with Kohls coupon codes?

Kohls coupon codes are good for everything in their store. They offer 30% off coupon codes every 4-6 weeks that are good for Kohls card holders. They also put out coupons for non-Kohls card holders.

What kind of retail store is Kohls?

The large retail chain known as Kohls is considered to be a department store. Similar to Wal-Mart they carry a wide array of products such as bedding, furniture, and clothes to name only a few.

What are the holiday store hours for Kohls in the 94954 area?

5am -6pm

Does the Kohls Credit card only work in store?

The Kohl's credit card only works in Kohls. It is not a major credit card and therefore can only be used at that store. Other credit cards are available for use at other stores.

What time does kohls open?

Go to their website, search to find a store nearest you, and then it should say what that store's hours are.

What store sells men tie?

almost any store on the planet. kohls, walmart, macys, bloomingdales, dillards...

How kohls use math?

if you mean kohls the department store the cashiers use math when you buy something and they add up the prices and that equals the price u pay