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there is no adjective in this sentence, an adjective describes a noun


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There is no recorded use of "to orange" as a verb. Orange serves as a noun (fruit) and adjective (color).

Yes. It is a noun and an adjective. I ate the last orange (noun). I tried on the orange shirt and didn't like it (adjective).

The adjective in the sentence is mean, describing the noun 'mom'.

The term orange is not in most versions of Scripture. It is descriptive (adjective) in the New Living Translation.

I assume you mean the word "this". This can be either a demonstrative adjective or a demonstrative pronoun. In this sentence "this" is an adjective: "This car is mine." In this sentence "this" is a pronoun: "This is my car."

Yes, orange is a noun. It means a fruit or the color associated with it. Orange as a color can also be an adjective. (Orange is an adjective in "orange liquid" but a noun adjunct in "orange juice.")

Tantamount is an adjective to mean equivalent in effect.

Orange is the Adjective. Orange is the Adjective because, it modifies drink.

No, the word 'orange' is a noun, a word for a type of fruit, a word for a thing; and and adjective, a word that describes a noun as the color orange. Examples:noun: I put a sliced orange in you lunch.adjective: She wore orange shoes with a hot pink dress.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence. The pronoun that takes the place of the noun orange is it. Example:I put an orange in your lunch. I sliced it and wrapped it.

Bit hard to understand your question! Is this what you mean? What is an adjective in the sentence 'your sun is really a special star'? special is an adjective.

There is no predicate adjective in that sentence.

There are two, as identified by the bolded font: What is the adjective in thissentence.

Orange can be a noun: I want to eat the orange. Orange can also be an adjective: My calculator is orange.

Noun sentence: Jane is nice.Pronoun sentence: She is nice.adjective sentence: Warm is nice.

The adjective in that sentence is "beautiful". An adjective is used to desciribe a noun. The noun in the sentence is "gift".

The adjective in that sentence would be skillfully.

It is an adjective of the sentence and it is charecterized by the linking verb in the sentence

In which sentence is the underlined clause an adjective clause

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