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The adjective related to the noun rotation is rotational.

An adjective related to the verb rotate is rotating.

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Rotational is an adjective related to the word rotation. Adjectives to describe rotation include eccentric and planetary.

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What is the order of rotation in an equilateral?

Equilateral is an adjective, not a noun and so the question makes no sense. The order of rotation of an equilateral quadrilateral, such as a rhombus, is 1.

Is anticlockwise an adjective?

Yes it can be (anticlockwise rotation).It means the same as counter-clockwise, and is also used as an adverb.

What is internal rotation?

Internal rotation refers to the rotation towards the axis of the body. External rotation refers to the rotation away from the center of the body.

What shape means exactly the same but in a different position?

Translation or rotation.Translation or rotation.Translation or rotation.Translation or rotation.

What is the sun's period of rotation?

The sun has two types of period of rotation, the sidereal rotation period and the synodic rotation period. The sidereal rotation period is 24.47 days. The synodic rotation period is 26.24 days.

Which describes a transformation using rotation?

The centre of rotation, the angle of rotation and, unless the angle is 180 degrees, the direction of rotation.

How is the Moon's rotation different from Earth's?

The moon's rotation is not as fast as the Earth's rotation.

How does retrograde rotation compared with the rotation of Earth?

It means that the rotation is in the opposite direction.

How do you reverse the rotation on a Ford 302 engine?

You will need a reverse rotation cam and lifters, reverse rotation front a rear main seals, reverse rotation distributor, and a reverse rotation starter.

In geometry what is a rotation?

A rotation is when a shape is turned.

Chevrolet distributor rotation?

The rotation is clockwise.

What is Saturn's rotation time?

what is Saturn rotation

How does rotation work?

Rotation is when you turn an object.

Murcury's Rotation what is the answer?

Mercury's rotation. What is the question ?

A rotation is an isometry?

Yes, a rotation is an isometry.

Are they rotation on Saturn?

no they arent rotation on the sun

What is the rotation direction on 1982 305 Oldsmobile?

Tire rotation, Engine rotation, Distributor rotation, there are several things that rotate, need to know which one.

What is the angle of rotation of semi-circle?

order of rotation of semicircle is 1. angle of rotation of semicircle is 360 degree. If you want to find angle of rotation of a shape, then divide 360 from order of rotation of a shape.

What is the angular speed of one hour?

One rotation per hour!One rotation per hour!One rotation per hour!One rotation per hour!

How long is the sun's rotation?

25 days for a rotation at the equator, 34 days for a rotation near the poles.

What is the significance of the rotation of a generator?

The significance factor of the rotation of a generator is, that this rotation is what governs the frequency output of the generator.

The rotation of Ganymede?

It is in synchronous rotation, like our Moon.

What is mercury's rotation?

It takes its rotation 59 days

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