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"football" as in football game.

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Q: What is the adjective of football?
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Related questions

Is football an adjective?

no that is a noun if you said BROWN football brown would be an adjective

Is football is a noun or adjective?

it is a noun

Is football stadium a compound noun?

Yes."football" and "stadium" football turns to the adjective

What are the example of adjective -noun pattern?

Examples of Adjective Noun patterns are: The football team is good. (Football is the Adjective in this sentence, but, it can also be a Noun.) <--- Example: The football was sticky. (Football is now a Noun in this sentence.) The green eyes scared me! (Green is the Adjective in this sentence, but, it can also be a Noun.) <--- Example: Green is my favorite color. (Green is now the Noun in this sentence.)

What are the two part of speech of the word football?

noun and adjective

What is the adjective used to describe English football the --------- Game?


What is the adjective form of regulation?

The word regulation is an adjective as well as a noun (regulation football, regulation uniform, etc). Regulatory is another adjective form for the noun regulation.

Is football player a proper noun?

Proper nouns are specific names or nouns. So actually player is just a noun/subject and football describes what type of player it is so football in the sentence is actually an adjective.

Is sport an adjective?

'Sport' can be a noun, verb, or adjective. Noun - Sport, as in the athletic activities themselves. 'Football is a sport', for example. Verb - It can mean 'to wear', as in 'to sport a new leather jacket'. Adjective - It can describe clothing as being informal or outdoors, 'sport clothing' for example.

Is lateral a noun?

Yes, lateral is a noun; a word for a lateral part or projection; or a type of pass in football. Lateral is also an adjective.

How do you use the word intercollegiate in a sentence?

His dream was to earn a scholarship to a big time university to play intercollegiate football. The word intercollegiate is an adjective.

Real Madrid is a famous football player in this sentence football is which noun?

1. Real Madrid is the name of a team, not the name of a player. 2. In the sentence, "Real Madrid is a famous football player," the word "football" is not a noun. In this context, "football" is an adjective, because it modifies the noun "player." In other contexts, however, the word "football" could be a noun. The context is what often determines the part of speech, not the word itself.

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