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Copy has all the answers. is another possibility.

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Q: What is the adjustment procedure for the clutch and forward bands on a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria automatic 4.6L V8?
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First your 1996 Ford Explorer would only drive in second gear then first gear and now it will not go forward at all but will go in reverse with no problem what is wrong with it?

Assuming automatic transmission, brake bands need adjustment/replacement

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Hi Probably the auto shift needs adjustment, as automatics have this safety feature so that they can't accidently be started when in gear. you simply need adjust the clutch cable Regards Phil

Why does a 2004 Pontiac sunfire work in reverse but not forward?

Is your transmission an automatic, or a manual? I guess in either case, I'd suspect the shifter cable, or it's adjustment. Of course, something inside the transmission may have failed. Take your car to a good mechanic and have the problem diagnosed.

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To empty an ashtray in a 1994 Crown Victoria you must remove the ashtray by applying forward pressure.

Why does the Car jerk forward while braking is it the ABS or the transmission?

If a car jerks forward while in the break position it is not the Automatic Break System but rather the transmission.

1992 ford explore has no forward gears?

If it has an automatic transmission, it probably needs to be replaced or rebuilt.

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Linkage needs adjustment?

What is wrong with a 2000 Ford Taurus automatic transmission that works in reverse but not in any forward gears?

the forward gear clutch pack is worn out. the only solution is to get the transmission rebult.

How do you use the bright lights in a Crown Victoria?

You don't say what year of Ford Crown Victoria , but if you move the turn signal lever forward it will turn on the high beam headlights

How do you operate the beams on a 1998 Crown Victoria?

On a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria : If you mean that you want to turn on the high beam headlights ( push the turn signal lever forward , away from you )

Ford Automatic has reverse no forward?

Make sure transmission fluid level is correct Bad transmission pump?

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Why does the parking brake disengage when you put your 1996 Ford Crown Victoria in drive?

I was looking at the 1996 Ford Crown Victoria Owner Guide and that's NORMAL The parking brake will release automatically when any forward gear is selected The parking brake will also not engage with the vehicle in any forward gear