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It maintains existing settings and applications.


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A data administrator is an IT Professional responsible for installation, configuration, upgrading, administration, monitoring, maintenance, and security. All of these factors apply to databases in an organization.

list and name of computer professional bodies

You can take advantage of versions that have had more 'bugs' fixed, you can (potentially) enjoy new features.

Upgrading a CPU is best left to a professional,you should be in a ststic free enviorment.

By gaining experience. You get exp. by performing a variety of different activities in game such as completing missions or achivements , upgrading your troops, donating your troops, upgrading your town hall etc. The more experience you earn the higher your level becomes.

WoW is a high fps game. You probably do not have a supported computer for its installation. Try upgrading to a better version of Windows or Linux

Before upgrading the operating system, check the minimum requirements of the new operating system to ensure that the computer meets the minimum specifications required. Check the HCL to ensure that the hardware is compatible with the new operating system. Back up all data before upgrading the operating system in case there is a problem with the installation.

Answer = No.If you're upgrading from an older operating system (XP, Vista etc.) then you will be given the option in the Windows 7 installation to transfer your files.


nothing apart from maybe a ram upgrade. But there are several online tests from Microsoft to check if it will be compatible. Refer to these before installation

Windows 2000 applications and settings are kept and Windows XP upgrade is quicker than a fresh new installation of XP.

If you are upgrading the network operating system chances are you are upgrading the entire server, because the NOS is usually a piece of the operating system itself. For 'pure' network operating systems such as NetWare, it is similar to upgrading the operating system. There is no standard "time" to upgrading anything, since every installation is different and different requirements. There are steps one must take before upgrading, including having a plan which includes backups and verification, plus parallel implementation. The simple answer is that the time it takes to upgrade the software is minimal if you don't plan anything in advance and have no plan to revert if something goes wrong.

If you upgrade to professional, you will enjoy the added benefits of having Publisher, Outlook w/ Business Contact Manager, and Access.

By upgrading the computer that was made by upgrading the calcutaor. dmn your dumb

In all honesty probably not. I use CS2 as a professional photographer and have tested CS3 but there is not much extra to justify the upgrade in my opinion

the drawbacks of upgrading become official like everything else is on our computer systems

That depends entirely on what type of upgrade you are performing and your proficiency in doing so. Upgrading the amount of RAM in a system can be done in less than two minutes by a skilled technician. Upgrading the video card will probably take five to ten minutes. A motherboard upgrade will probably necessitate reinstalling the operating system, and require over an hour to perform.

upgrade from the vista installation to window 7 without unistalling windows vista firstreview a list of recommendations for upgrading to windows 7 before proceeding with the upgrads\e

Upgrading the memory on your computer makes it a lot faster. Instead of upgrading computers, try upgrading your RAM and see that its the cheapest way of making your old computer work like new.

Because, upgrading the operating system requires changes to be made to the registry. The changes can only be made if the computer isn't running other applications.

It depends what you want in an Ipod. If you want to play games and listen to music there is not much point in upgrading. But if you plan to take advantage of the iPod's camera features, then it is a well worth upgrade. If you own a 2nd generation iPod touch, you will have a much faster experience, smoother apps, and take advantage of features like multitasking. Overall, it is up to you. Update: You may want to wait for the 5th gen iPod from this point because it is supposed to come out very soon.

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