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Management Control System asists the operator in doing multi-tasking works, so as to concentrates on a more priority task. The task performed are from a previous operation that are stored in the data memory.

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2007-07-04 01:12:01
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Q: What is the advantages of management control system?
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Advantages of a management control system?

This system can help management to stay on top of workplace situations. They will be able to see what is going on and better make decisions on how to act.

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Nature of management control in management control system?

the nature of management control system is the man,other companies and banks

advantages of hostel management system?

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Advantages and disadvantages of cost management system?

advantages of cost management in relation to finacial efficiency

What are the components of a management control system?

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Management control system of state bank of India?

Management control system of state bank of India

What are some advantages to using a construction management system?

Some advantages of using a construction management system is that they provide an objective representation to protect the projects best interest. They can reduce overall production cost. The company would have centralized communication and enhanced quality control.

What is the purpose of management control system?

the purpose of a control system is to manage

The advantages of Client-server system?

Centralized management of resources.

What is process control system in Management information system?


What are the disadvantages of management control system?

One disadvantage of the management control system is a lack of standard control. Another disadvantage is there is no room for change and low employee morale.

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