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Management Control System asists the operator in doing multi-tasking works, so as to concentrates on a more priority task. The task performed are from a previous operation that are stored in the data memory.

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Q: What is the advantages of management control system?
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Advantages of a management control system?

This system can help management to stay on top of workplace situations. They will be able to see what is going on and better make decisions on how to act.

Nature of management control in management control system?

the nature of management control system is the man,other companies and banks

What are the advantages and disadvantages of management information system?

What is the Disadvantages of Management Information System?

Advantages and disadvantages of cost management system?

advantages of cost management in relation to finacial efficiency

What are the components of a management control system?

components of control system

Management control system of state bank of India?

Management control system of state bank of India

What is the purpose of management control system?

the purpose of a control system is to manage

What are the disadvantages of management control system?

One disadvantage of the management control system is a lack of standard control. Another disadvantage is there is no room for change and low employee morale.

What is process control system in Management information system?


What is management control system?

Management control is the process by which manager influence other members of the organisation to implement the organisation strategies.

The advantages of Client-server system?

Centralized management of resources.

Implenenting Management control system in hotel?


What is the advantages and disadvantages of Management Information System?

the major challeges of object oriented database system

What system is a logical integration of management accounting tools to gather and report data and to evaluate performance?

A management control system

What are the advantages of database management system?

There are many advantages of database management system. DBMS makes it much easy to store and manage data . DBMS also helps in reducing redundancy of data.

What are advantages of a pneumatic system?

Things quickly. Convenient control system. Open the system. Cheap.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of knowledge management systems?

The ability to sort information is an advantage of a knowledge management system. The requirement to have the information input into the system is a disadvantage.

What are the advantages of closed loop control system?

stability and repeatability

What are the advantages of line management?

what are the advantages of line management?

Advantages and disadvantages of property management system?"

What are the Advantages of hotel property management system?

internal and external CRM Modules.

What does acpi use to control the power management?

With ACPI the operating system controls power management.

What does ACPI used to control power management?

operating system.

How do you plan a project on inventory control management system?

First Draw an ERD for inventory management system. then prepare database for your inventory system. then you can develop an interactive interface for your system.

Advantages and disadvantages of open loop control system?

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of open loop system and closed loop system?? open loop system hasn't feed back