What is the adventages and disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plants?


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Nuclear Power Plants are used to help generate electricity. The advantages of Nuclear Power Plants are the efficiency and low immediate pollution. The disadvantages are the radioactive waste and possibility of a meltdown.

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An advantage of Bataan nuclear power plants is that they can be run cheaply. A disadvantage is that malfunctioning power plants can lead to disaster.

Well their are no disadvantages to nuclear plants, if your using them for nuclear power, as nuclear power is the safest type of energy in modern times. However disadvantages of nuclear weapons include well the ending of the planet, the possibility of it being stolen by terrorists or even it being spied on for another nation so it can create nuclear weapons.

The biggest disadvantage of nuclear power is the waste generated. This waste is highly radioactive and lasts for a long time.

A nuclear power plant needs much less fuel than a power plant that uses coal or oil. Also, nuclear power plants do not give off smoke.

Nuclear power plants produce electricity by using nuclear energy

1. Nuclear power plants 2. Nuclear weaponsNuclear power plants

Uranium is very important as a nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. But uranium is toxic and radioactive.

because coal power plants use coal and nuclear power plants use nuclear energy to make electricity!!

by nuclear power ¬.¬

No, Nuclear Power Plants Have Emissions of CO2.

There are 55 nuclear power plants in Japan.

No. There are no nuclear power plants in New Mexico.

There are no nuclear power plants in Indiana, USA.

Britain does have nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plants are plants to produce electricity through use of steam produced by the nuclear energy obtained from nuclear fission of the used nuclear fuel.

Nuclear power plants use nuclear fission to generate power.

The Advantages-The Energy is more efficient and cleaner for our air and it can be less expensive The Disadvantages-Nuclear Power Plants can be dangerous if not taken care of, There's is only certain areas geographically that you can put Power Plants (Away from Water) and you have to find a place to store all of the Nuclear Waste. (It has to stay underground for atleast 1000 years before it can be removed)

No, Indiana does not currently have any nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plants don't release greenhouse gases. Coal power plants are cheaper to build.

At nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plants do not cause thermal polution.

No. As of 2012, there are no nuclear power plants located in the state of Montana.

The advantages of power plants is that they provide sustainable energy for a large area. Disadvantages of power plants is that they give off pollution.

Two disadvantages of nuclear waste are: disposal of nuclear waste is very expensive and takes a long time, and nuclear waste is radioactive. The advantages are: nuclear power plants are usually built on a coast, so the risk of contaminating drinking water is low; nuclear waste does not emit carbon into the air.

104 nuclear power plants in the U.S.5 in Pennsylvania

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