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What is the aerodynamic equation?

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Are kayaks aerodynamic?

Kayaks are hydrodynamic not aerodynamic. Aerodynamic means 'of the air'. People don't fly on kayaks.

What is a sentence for aerodynamic?

"The spy plane was very aerodynamic." :-)

How is a fighter jet aerodynamic?

The shape of the aircraft makes it aerodynamic.

Do Frisbee have aerodynamic?

yes it is smooth and small and round. it is aerodynamic

How can you use the word aerodynamic in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.The new plane is more aerodynamic than the old one.That car is designed to be aerodynamic to conserve gas.Birds are aerodynamic.

Is a biplane aerodynamic?

Yes, a biplane is very aerodynamic,with lots of 'lift'

What does it mean to say you can be aerodynamic?

aerodynamic |ˌe(ə)rōdīˈnamik|adjectiveof or relating to aerodynamics : aerodynamic forces.• of or having a shape that reduces the drag from air moving past : the plane has a more aerodynamic shape.

Is aluminum aerodynamic?

Aluminum can be shaped to be aerodynamic, yes. Aerodynamics is about shape, not substance.

What is the definition of aerodynamic?

Aerodynamic means the dynamics that is applied on airplanes. It is used for airplanes and their flights.

Can you give me a sentence using the aerodynamic?

I'll pursue a more aerodynamic design, sir.

What is less aerodynamic?

when you say less aerodynamic, it refers to the motion of the object passing through the vacuum or space.. less motion it means more air drag.. so it called less aerodynamic. more aerodynamic is the inerse mening of less .. obviously.

How do you use the word aerodynamic in a sentence?

(aerodynamic means affected by motion through the air, or streamlined)"The aerodynamic design of the airplane allows it to fly faster, and use less fuel.""The aerodynamic pressures on a rocket can cause it to break up if it is not properly aligned in flight."

What is the aero bike for?

Aero is often a short for aerodynamic, and there are several bikes that can be said to be aerodynamic to some degree.

What are the advantages of a tipi?


Is Aerodynamic compared with gravity?


What is an antonym of aerodynamic?

There are a few antonyms for the word aerodynamic. Some of these include inefficient, clunky, slovenly, as well as inefficacious.

How are aerodynamic design are used to improve cars?

Aerodynamic design improves fuel mileage, handling, and how quiet the car is when traveling.

What has the author G H Gaonkar written?

G. H. Gaonkar has written: 'Sensitivity of lag-damping correlations to structural and aerodynamic approximations of isolated experimental rotors in forward flight' -- subject(s): Rotary wings, Aerodynamic drag, Wakes, Aerodynamic stalling, Torsional vibration, Aeroelasticity, Aerodynamic stability

What does aerodynamic mean?

Aerodynamic has to do with how air flows around something, and sometimes we use it mostly when talking about something that does it well.A sports car has to be aerodynamic to be able to go at speed w/o the air holding it back, a tank doesn't have to bother about it at all. A swallow has to be very aerodynamic, while a chicken couldn't care less.

Another word for streamlined?


Are blood cells aerodynamic?

yes they are

Are the bikes in the olympic aerodynamic?


What is an aerodynamic drag?

When you are driving on the freeway, most of the work your engine does goes into pushing the car through the air. This force is known as aerodynamic drag...

What is the aerodynamic CD or cw or cx they are all the same of the dino ferarri 246gts?

the CW in aerodynamic is a co-officiant of friction, or drag of a vehicle.

Are you more aerodynamic if you shave your head?


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