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Manufactured: 1913

The manufacture month and year of a Remington rifle can be determined from a letter and number code stamped near the back of the barrel on the right side. If your Model 12 is not marked 12A, 12B, 12C, 12CS, 12D, 12E, or 12F, it is a basic Model 12.

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Q: What is the age and exact model of a Remington Model 12 serial 222725 with a 23 inch octagonal barrel marked only as 22 short long or long rifle?
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What is the value of a Marlin 39 AR 22 caliber lever action rifle with an octagonal barrel?

Exactly how is that barrel marked?

Can you use 223 ammunition in a model SB712 rifle?

Only if it is marked ".223 Remington" on the barrel.

How do you identify Remington model 700?

Is marked on side of action. If you do not see any action marks look at the barrel, it might be a 788.

What is a model 90 Winchester 22 cal rifle?

It is a slide action rifle with an octagonal barrel made from 1890 to 1932. If it is marked as Model 90, not Model 1890, it was made after about 1915.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Remington and Sons double barrel shotgun serial 7439 marked with a patent date of April 10 1872 and 'ATC0.1871'?

E. Remington and Sons (predecessor to Remington Arms Co) manufactured firearms in Ilion, New York, from 1860 to 1888.

Can you shoot 3 inch mag nums in a standard 1100 Remington shotgun?

If the gun is marked 2-3/4 on the barrel, that is the maximum length shell that the gun will shoot.

How can you find the age or year of manufacture for Remington model 10 shotgun?

1921 and on they are marked with a barrel code you can look up on the manufactured link on the Remington Society of America, before that need a serial no to tell and then only a year and not the month/year that the code provides.

What is the Manufacture date of a Remington 22 rim fire model 12 rifle with a serial number of 668225?

1925 - Should be marked with a barrel code which can be viewed on the Remington Society's web site: This will give month and year.

What year was the Remington model 12 made with the serial number 813425?

1932 Should also be barrel marked with the Month/Year codes, details are here:

How do you find serial number or model number on a women Remington 22 LR only?

Unsure of your description- am not aware that Remington ever made a woman's rifle. The model number is usually marked on the barrel. Serial numbers, IF ANY, are on the frame. Serial numbers were not required until the 1968 Gun Control Act- I have several Remington 22 rifles that have never HAD a serial number. Remington rifles, BTW, are dated not from the serial number, but a 2 or 3 LETTER code stamped on the barrel. Left side, about a half inch from the receiver.

How can you tell what caliber a sako rifle is?

It will be marked on the barrel.

What calibur is SW serial 10939?

It will be marked on the barrel.

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