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Single shot shotguns sell new for $89.99. Used ones will retail for $45-$70 depending on condition. A dealer will probably offer $25 - $35. I bought my CBC single barrel in South Africa for approx 81,6 dollars in 1985. Lovely firearm and gave me many hours of pleasure. Currently with the new gun laws over here it is worthless. I cannot renew my license and will end up handing it over to the local police to be destroyed *You CAN renew your license as the new Firearms Confiscation Act is immoral and unconstitutional. You existing license is valid until 2009 at which time we are sure that the law (like the Canadian law it copied) will be scrapped. Try the SAFF for any further information. Bodie

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Q: What is the age and value of CBC Model SB shotguns from Brazil?
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What shotguns are made in Brazil?

CBC for one Stoeger Condor and Uplander shotguns, also at least some Rossi shotguns

What is the gauge of a cbc shotgun sn c1305077?

CBC shotguns were made in Brazil and imported for sale by department store chains such as KMart. They are marked as to gauge, typically on the barrel.

What is the Age and value of a 12g full choke shot gun cbc mod 151 A901443?

The CBC shotguns are an economy line made in Brazil and they have been imported and sold through KMart, etc. There are no published serial number lists but they have been sold from the 1980's through present. No collector value, and minimal shooter value.

What is the value of a model 722 by cbc?

50-100 or so

What is the age of a CBC Model MT-151 shotgun from Brazil?

Maked from 1980's till 1990. From Brasil, CBC. Unexpensive and reliable, good for shot down pigeons or rabbits.

CBC model SB 410 bore shotgun?

The CBC MODEL SB 410 BORE SHOTGUN is made in brazil and imported by firearms import and export Corp. located in Miami, Florida it is a break-action single shot shotgun

Where are cbc shot guns made?

Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC) is based in Sao Paulo Brazil

What is the age and value of a CBC Model 151 12 gauge shotgun sn 16378 from Brazil?

No much, I think. It's a "out of line" gun (discontinued). You can find out it in some dealers about U$50 . But it's a reliable gun, if in good condition.

Who made the CBC break open 32.20 caliber rifle?

CBC (company Brazil cartridges) is a firm located in Sao Paulo Brazil. In the past Remington and ICI were part owners.

What is a cbc 22 rifle from Florida worth?

About $75-$125. It is from Brazil- the importer is in Florida.

How much is a12ga cbc model sb?

About 100 USD

Where could you fine a magtech made 12 gague model 586 made in Brazil by cbc?

Try gun shops, gun shows, want ads, on line auction sites.

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