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This gun was manufactured for Sears Roebuck by the J. Stevens division of Savage Arms sometime between 1931 and 1941.

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Q: What is the age and value of a 16 gauge Eastern Arms double barrel marked 101-7 on the left side of the receiver and 5100 on the right side?
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Is a browning a 5 shotgun made in Belgium?

It will be marked on the receiver/barrel.

How do you know if your model 94 is marked 1 of 300?

By looking at the barrel and receiver.

Where was this browning auto 5 made 9Z21870?

It will be marked on the barrel or receiver regarding where it was made.

Where wasw browning shotgun S 03289 made?

It will be marked on the receiver/barrel where it was made.

What caliper is an eastern arms revolver?

It should be marked on the barrel.

When and were was a Browning 12 Gauge Shotgun with Serial Number 324935 made?

Where will be marked on the barrel/receiver.

When and where was a Browning A5 Magnum with serial number 77v48058 made at?

Where will be marked on the barrel or receiver. When is 1977.

Where is the Browning 525 Hunter lightweight made?

It will be marked on the barrel or receiver. Most likely Japan or Portugal.

How do you find the specific model of a Western Field shotgun when you don't see it marked on the firearm anywhwere but the serial number is 22106XG?

It is marked on either the receiver or the barrel.

What is the correct ammo for double-nine W-104?

It will be marked on the barrel.

What ammunition does a New Haven model 283TB use?

It should be marked either on the receiver or barrel Mine is marked .410 3" chamber, and it works extremely well with WInchester Super X ammo

What is the age of a double barrel shotgun marked STEVENS?

Probably turn of the century

What is the caliber of a marlin 39A serial B 5000?

The caliber should be marked on the barrel near the receiver. The Model 39 is a 22LR

What is the value of a 1903 Springfield in very good condition with all matching serial numbers and the barrel marked 12-22 over A ser no 1347722?

Interesting, the receiver was made after 1930 and the barrel 1922. Doubtful if the barrel is original.

Would Serial number 6z 5116 be a belgium browning light twenty or is it a mag twenty?

This is a lightweight 20ga A5 made in 1966. The barrel should be marked for 2 3/4 shells. ***If the barrel is marked for 3" shells then it is not the original barrel. It is not safe to shoot 3" mag shells with the standard receiver.

Vintage and value of a wh hamilton double barrel 12 gauge with double hammer and twist belguim barrel marked 5086?

inside reciever stamped: 4256 D C

Where is the receiver on a browning shotgun?

The receiver is the largest metal piece of the shotgun, in other words, the frame of the shotgun. All the other parts, such as barrel, stock, bolt, etc- attach to the receiver. With modern firearms, the receiver will be marked with the serial number. Legally, the receiver IS the firearm- all other parts are simply parts.

What size of shell can be used in a Riverside Arms Double Barrel Shotgun?

Depends on what is marked on the gun.

How do you tell how old and what type a J Stevens shotgun is if it is marked J Stevens Springfield and has the number 147k on the receiver under the barrel?

There have been several variations of the company name, but never just "J Stevens". The "Springfield" name was used from 1920 until about 1948 and during this time the company was called J. Stevens Arms Co. The type is determined by looking at the gun: single shot, double barrel, pump, etc. The gauge, if not marked on the barrel, can be determined by measuring the chamber. 147K MAY be the model number. I have not found this model listed in any of my references, however if it is a single shot or double barrel, few models differ significantly from others, so many are not listed individually.

How do I know if a Ranger 410 shotgunis 3 inch or 2 and three quarter?

It should be stamped/marked on the side of the barrel-receiver end. If not, take it to a gunsmith for measurement.

What is the value of a London Fine Damascus 14 Gauge Double barrel shotgun marked JT Sang Fords?

The value of a London Fine Damascus 14 gauge double barrel shotgun marked JT Sang Ford depend on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 225.00 and 320.00 as of 2014.

How do you identify the make of a double barrel shotgun marked with a crown over the letterd also marked PV?

Liege, Belgium Superior proof mark A smokeless powder proof

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Barrett Firearms double barrel shotgun?

The current Barrett Firearms does not make a double shotgun. Exactly how is your gun marked?

What is the approximate age and value of a double barrel gun with double hammers that is marked only Eclipse Company and has no serial numbers?

50-100 USD or so

Can all 12 gauge double barrel shotguns shoot 3 in a half inch shells?

Definately not. I can't think of any offhand that can, but if it is not marked on the barrel then it cannot shoot them.