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i have a 1896 30-40 krag can you send me some photos to compare mine with? Also how much is this rifle worth? I also have a Krag sn 22 1894. How much in good condition?

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โˆ™ 2007-10-23 01:37:38
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Q: What is the age and value of a 1898 Springfield Armory 30-40 Krag?
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What is the history of the 30-40 Krag Model 1898?

# 5971 - Model 1898 Kraig [Krag] i did find this however if it helps any. 12/20/2003 Skip, Lake City, Florida 3040 Kraig - Springfield Armory - 3040 - 30'' - Blue - 201826 - Marking on top left side of receiver are: US Model 1898 Springfield Armory 201826 I own a 1898 3040 Kraig. Could you tell me about this gun and it's approximate worth? The rifle is in very good condition and internally it's almost perfect. Answer: Skip- Your rifle was made about 1899, and was probably issued to U.S. Army regular units, or perhaps a National Guard outfit and eventually turned in when replaced by Model 1903 Springfields. Several rifles in this serial number range were noted as being in the hands of the 12th Infantry in 1903, or the Washington National Guard in 1905, but your rifle is not specifically listed. Anyone interested in checking for possible history on U.S. guns should check the Springfield Research Services listing on our other site, Value depends on condition and could be anywhere from a few hundred dollars up, but from your description it sounds like a slightly above average example, so I would guess it might bring $600-800 retail. John Spangler

What is age and value of springfield armory model 1898 3040 Craig the serial number is 171108?

WHAT IS MY GUN WORTH?What is the condition of the metal? Bore,is it rusty, pitted, bluing,What is the Condition of the wood? Gouged,dents,cracks,splinteredAre there any markings on the stock? P, SA/GHD, WRA/GHD, RIA, crossed cannon and belt,ect.Is it complete? functional?Has it been sporterized? cutdown, altered in anyway?Pictures help, boy do they helpGUN VALUES VERY.

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