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What is the age and value of a 22 caliber Savage Model 6A semi-automatic rifle?


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1938-1945. These dont sell for much, typically under $100.

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1960s. The Savage model 1899 rifle that was chambered in 303 Sav.caliber was made from 1899-1922.The model 1895 Savage lever action rifle in 303 Savage caliber was made from 1895-1899.The last rifle chambered in 303 Savage was the first model of the savage 99 rifle which was made from 1920-1936.The Savage 303 caliber rifles were not made after 1936.So your rifle was made sometime between 1895-1936.

Your savage model 99 rifle in 250/3000 savage caliber was made by savage arms company in 1919.

The savage model 5 .22caliber rifle is valued between 40-100 dollars depending on overall condition of your rifle.


There is no way of knowing,unless you provide the model of rifle you have that is chambered in 250-3000 Savage caliber.

what year was savage model 1904 serial # 174724 made

Your serial number indicates that your Savage model 99 rifle in 300 Savage caliber was made in the year 1947.

If the gun chambered in 300 savage caliber is a savage model 99 then the rifle was made in 1940 by savage arms company.

Yes. Some are stamped Stevens by Savage Arms Co.

If we are talking about a Savage model 99 rifle,chambered in 300 Sav. caliber,then your lever action rifle was produced in the year 1949 by Savage arms Company.

The gun is a semiautomatic .22 rifle made by Mossberg. Not much of an accessory market for that gun. What are you looking for?

Check w/ Savage Customer Service through their website.

$75-$100 in excellent condition.

Savage made it for Montgomery Ward. It's the same as the Savage 840.

--------SAVAGE 3 SERIES Rifle Information-------- There were several variations of the Savage model 3 rifle made. The basic version is a single shot bolt action, .22RF chambered rifle. It appears that all variations of the M3 were single shot and that the added model variation such as

Value is anywhere between $75.00 and $225.00, depending on the condition of the rifle.

If you are referring to the Rifle, US .30 caliber M1, M is the designation for Model. 1, since is was the first model of semiautomatic rifle issued by the US military. See the link at the bottom of the page for additional information.

You should find a Savage model 99 lever action rifle selling for between 350-650 dollars,depending on overall condition,and what caliber it is chambered in.

I have been told it is made in 1951. Having trouble locating that exact model, but the Savage Model 12 series was not introduced until 1998. Need more information, such as caliber, any other markings on the rifle, etc.

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