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I would need more information to narrow down the date of manufacture on your '93. The model '93 Marlins were all made after WWI, as that is when they began marking the receivers with the "Model '93" designation. The catalogs indicated a change in name designation in 1906, but Marlin continued to use and mark the tangs with the old designation until production resumed after WWI. Most likely your gun was made in the 1922-1935 range, but when in that range depends on several things. The barrel rollstamps were of three types. One that read, "Marlin Firearms Corporation", "Marlin Firearms Co." and Marlin Fire-Arms Co." In addition, most guns from the mid to late 1920's had the typical Marlin "Bullseye" in the bottom of the buttstock, about 3" in front of the buttplate. Earlier and later post WWI Marlins did not have the Bullseye. As for value, it's hard to quote a value on antique Marlins without seeing them. Many things (including condition) will affect values. Special order options were numerous, and you didn't mention whether yu have a straight grip stock, pistol grip, half or full magazine, checkering, engraving, special sights, etc. Without seeing at least a picture of your gun, it could be a huge difference in value from a very nice gun to a very nice gun with options. If you'd like to email me a picture, I might further assist you. The Marlin 1893 was manufactured between 1893 and 1936. The blue book value for a 90 % gun is $1800.

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Q: What is the age and value of a 30-30 Marlin Model 93 rifle serial A1562 with an octagonal barrel in excellent condition?
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Serial number 332055

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Your Marlin model 1893 rifle,which was made by Marlin in the year 1905 have been selling for between 800-1,200 dollars.This of course depends on the amount of original finish remaining,and the overall condition of your rifle.

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$2175 +/_ depending on condition

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I just paid 450.00 for one in used but very good condition at a gun store in pa....hope this helps.

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The model 38 Marlin was made from around 1921-30. It was called the model 32 when it came out in 1915, but was dropped during the War, and renamed after the War.

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marlin made 1993 rifles and 1889 rifles, barrels are about $75 if good, the rifles are about $250 to $500 , all calibers are about equal.

What is the value of a Marlin model 20A 22 pump with hexagon barrel?

The Marlin model 20A was manufactured from 1913-1922, had a standard length octagonal 24" barrel and 1/2 length tubular magazine. An optional full-length magazine was available. The loading mechanism could handle .22 s/l/lr interchangeably. The value "used condition" one is $200-400 depending on condition. A mint one will cost more!

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That would be a Model 732 2.5" barrel, Excellent condition $185-195 - add $25 for 4" barrel.

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In "good" condition with standard barrel length (3.25") and with standard Nickel finish - value will range from $125 to $150 US.

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The value of a Winchester model 1882 .32WCF octagonal barrel rifle is dependent upon a number of factors. The most important factor being the upkeep and condition.

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There are lots of varations in the model 61, I recommend you go to They can help you sort out the year of manifacture and varation as well as , for about $10.00, give you a estimated value based on model, varation and condition. Their description of condition is pretty clear. Butch

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Roughly 1900. Since Marlin mixed serial numbers between models on the early levers it can be hard to pin down exactly. As to caliber, look on the top flat of the barrel.

Is there any functional advantage of an octagonal rifle barrel over a round barrel?


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good condition.....about $3200.00

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50-90 dollars depending on overall condition of your Marlin model 783.

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About $400-$450, dependng on condition. Octagonal barrel indicates made before WW II, changed to round barrel after the war.

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