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What is the age and value of a 30 WCF Winchester Model 94?


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2005-11-02 16:49:56
2005-11-02 16:49:56

Give me a serial number and I'll look it up. Or you can go to and find the link to Winchester manufacture dates. 139571b There shouldn't be a letter on the end of a Model 94 serial number. If there is another digit in that place, the gun was manufactured between 1943 and 1948. If the number is just 139571, then it was made in 1898. The other possibility is that you are not looking at a Winchester 94. See the related question link for the problems involved in establishing a value without examining the firearm.


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Can't be answered without the serial number.

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your Winchester model 55 was produced in 1926.

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Your winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1943.The serial number range for that year was 1,221,289-1,267,741 approximate.

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